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Poison. Essentially that’s what you’ve been hoodwinked into cleaning your home with every day.

And you’re in good company. Clever marketing has convinced many of us that simple soap and water isn’t good enough anymore. And that those old-fashioned natural cleaners such as vinegar and baking soda aren’t effective.

But now you and your family are paying the price. You’re breathing in, absorbing, and even swallowing traces of that toxic soup of chemical cleaners they convinced you to buy.

And the harm doesn’t end there.

Antibacterial chemical cleaners can backfire

It turns out your efforts to eradicate germs from your home could be backfiring on you in a big way. Because the antibacterial products which have become a staple for so many of us have a dark side.

Antibacterial chemical cleaners are helping to create a new generation of superbugs.

You see some of the bacteria and viruses these products target manage to survive. They’re resistant to the chemical cleaners, and they pass that resistance on to their offspring. And each following generation too.

In other words, every time you scrub your toilet you could be accidentally contributing to an army of antibacterial resistant supergerms in your own home.

Ditch dangerous chemical cleaners for… SUNLIGHT?

But a new University of Oregon study is helping to shine a light on this problem with a surprising solution. According to researchers, keeping our homes clean can start with sunlight.

That’s right, cleaning your home should start with opening up your curtains.

For the study, researchers allowed dust to collect in several locations for 90 days straight. Some rooms were strictly sunlight-free, and others were bathed in natural sunlight.

At the end of the three months, they found bacteria had thrived in the rooms that were free from sunlight and UV rays. But the bacteria levels in the rooms exposed to sunshine were nearly 50 percent lower.

Which means regularly letting the sunshine in is the perfect first step in your new safer-cleaning routine. Next, trade in those harsh chemical cleaners for natural cleaning solutions which won’t put your family at risk.


It doesn’t do you a bit of good to throw open your curtains if your windows are too filthy for the sunlight to stream through. So keep them clean, naturally.

Combine two cups of filtered water with two tablespoons of white vinegar. Spray the mix onto your windows and using some newspaper or a washable microfiber cloth wipe them clean.

Don’t care for the smell of vinegar? Add 10 drops of an essential oil of your choice. My favorites for cleaning are orange and lemon. (Hint- this exact same spray works great as an all-purpose cleaner in your kitchen and bathroom, too.)

Disinfecting spray:

For a once a week deep cleaning in the bathroom and kitchen you’re going to want something with a bit more oomph. Mix two cups of filtered water and 10 drops of tea tree oil for a disinfectant spray that can tackle tougher jobs.

Tea tree oil is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial. Which means you’ll get the clean you want in the places that need it most. But you won’t need toxic chemical cleaners to do it.

Wood polish:

Sunlight won’t get rid of the dust on your wood furniture. But this combo will. Mix together 10 drops of lemon oil, two tablespoons of lemon juice, and a few drops of olive oil.

Using a soft cloth and a few drops of your homemade polish gently wipe down your wooden furniture, window sills, and baseboards.

Don’t let antibacterial chemical cleaners put your family at risk. Get your home TRULY clean with safer natural solutions instead.