You Can Treat Bronchial Infections With Horseradish

We’re halfway through February, and for many of you living far away from the Equator, it means you’re still dealing with the pesky and prevalent cold and flu season.

Normally this means that no one’s lungs or sinuses are safe for long. And since hibernation is still not an option for productive members of society, you’re probably still looking for a way to either avoid this or treat it.

Today we’re going to focus on the worst possible scenario: when you’ve been unlucky enough to have contracted the cold, flu, or even bronchitis.

Although these illnesses, and their respective symptoms, are certainly annoying to contend with, they’re not a serious health issue when treated properly.


However, if you begin to realize that you’ve had the symptoms of these diseases for far too long, please visit your family doctor as soon as possible.

Ok, but how do I deal with these minor illnesses?

Let’s begin with what to avoid:

If a cold or flu has left you buried underneath a mountain of used tissues, I understand the temptation to go to the pharmacy and buy any major brand cough or cold syrup.

However, know that buying these is almost the same as throwing your money away.

Why? Because studies on cough and cold syrups have continually demonstrated that these products have no ingredients that actually help treat these diseases. It’s all the placebo effect from the millions of advertising dollars these companies spend to trick you.

What you really need is rest and right natural ingredients to help your immune system work more efficiently.

Although bronchitis sounds like a serious issue, it’s still manageable. Before you rush to family practitioner to receive an antibiotics prescription you need to the dangers of overusing antibiotics.

Unfortunately antibiotics do not discriminate between your healthy bacteria, the ones that actively help your immune system and contributes to your detox process, and will destroy both.

You also need to be aware that rampant antibiotic use is gradually contributing to the development of antibiotic resistant bacteria that will pose a deadly threat for future generations.

This is where horseradish comes in.

Known for its strongly unique taste that makes it the perfect additive for many sandwiches and for its digestive properties, horseradish can be an invaluable during this time of the year.


Because horseradish is loaded with up to 79 milligrams of vitamin C per 100 grams. This makes it the perfect ingredient to help your immune system fight against minor bacterial infections.

As an added bonus, horseradish also contains a significant amount of glucosinolates that help keep your lymphatic system healthy and possibly help prevent cancer.

Finally, a 2006 German study concluded that patients who used horseradish to treat sinus infections had equal results to antibiotic treatment. Making it an amazing sinus infection cure.

Horseradish Antibacterial Recipe

Here’s what you’ll need:

– One eight-inch piece of horseradish root.

– One organic lemon.

– One tablespoon of raw organic honey.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

In an airtight jar, grate all the horseradish, squeeze all the lemon juice inside, and add the raw organic honey. Seal and let it sit for an entire day. When you’re treating your infection have a tablespoon four times a day.



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