Why Is A Former Monsanto Vice President Running the FDA?

Former Monsanto Vice President Michael R. Taylor is the current Deputy Commissioner for Foods at the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). He was promoted from US Food Safety Czar to Senior Advisor to the Commissioner of the FDA after spending years lobbying for the Genetically Modified Foods giant.

Since his appointment for the position with the FDA, by the Obama administration in 2010, very little protest has been raised. When he was appointed to the post at the FDA, the job of Deputy Commissioner for Foods was custom-crafted to suit his interests and those of Monsanto.

The position affords Taylor the ability to sign off of any cancer-causing, or otherwise harmful agent produced by the giant biotech company Monsanto.

While Taylor served as the Safety Czar for the FDA, Genetically Modified Organisms were ushered into the US food supply without undergoing a single test to judge their safety or risks.


In an article from The Ecologist’s“Monsanto Files”, Jennifer Ferrara said that the FDA’s approval of Monsanto’s genetically engineered cattle drug rBGH – which failed to gain approval in either Europe or Canada – was directly linked to Taylor’s schemings with the FDA.

“Michael R. Taylor, the FDA’s deputy commissioner for policy,” at the time “wrote the FDA’s rBGH labelling guidelines,” Ferrara writes.

“The guidelines, announced in February 1994, virtually prohibited dairy corporations from making any real distinction between products produced with and without rBGH. To keep rBGH-milk from being ‘stigmatized’ in the marketplace, the FDA announced that labels on non-rBGH products must state that there is no difference between rBGH and the naturally occurring hormone.”

“For those concerned about the health and environmental hazards of genetic engineering,” Ferrara continued, “the revolving door between the biotechnology industry and federal regulating agencies is a serious cause for concern.”

The real question is, why is there so little serious discussion of this conflict of interests in the mainstream media? If you believe this is important information, SPREAD THE WORD and help wake people up to the corruption that put the former Monsanto Vice President in the position he now holds with the FDA.

(Article by M.B. David)


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