Why do 53% of autistic children have rh negative mothers?


One of the most misinterpreted terms out there is “rhesus disease”. It is not a disease, but rather an incompatibility causing danger to the rh positive child in the rh negative mother’s body.
The common remedy injected is Rhogam, full of mercury and aluminum and unlike in Europe where the serum is injected after the birth of the first child of an rh negative mother, the U.S. hospitals decide to do it during the first pregnancy.

Rhogam was known to contain mercury and we all know the effects it can cause especially in the body of a fetus not even born yet, but then came the announcement that Rhogam was allegedly mercury free.

But here is the catch:

If you are an Rh-negative mother, remember that, although Thimerosal-free Rho-GAM became available in 2002, the supply of mercury-containing Rho-GAM is still on the market. Remember the word “thimerosal” means it contains 49.6% mercury. This is especially important because fifty-three percent of mothers of autistic children are Rh negative, while only three percent of mothers of normal children are Rh-negative.

Looking at Europe where mothers receive the D-Antigen injection after their first pregnancy to build up their immune system for their potential and critical second pregnancy while American mothers receive the injection after 28 weeks during their first pregnancy (which has been proven to cause autism in many cases of the children) causes me to draw attention once again to a subject matter the majority of people voluntarily ignores.

Now back in the days, infant mortality was higher due to the rh factor not being known until the 1930s, but now we have a society of sick people because of it.

As usual, the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t make money with healthy or dead people.

If you are somewhere in the middle, it’s bank for them.

In the past 6 months I have seen many articles about Rhogam disappear so I usually copy them, including the ones about newborn babies being tested positive for mercury in their hair.

The only truly safe way of course would be for an rh negative woman to have an rh negative partner and with that offspring compatible to them.

But since love doesn’t always come the way the doctor ordered it, I highly suggest using the European model where autism is a lot lower than in the U.S.

~ Mike Dammann