USDA Approves New Genetically Modified Potato

Thanks to our all knowing protectors at the USDA, potatoes are now the latest addition to the growing number of approved GMO crops. Modifications to this new strain of potato are aimed to eliminate a chemical called acrylamide and resist bruising. Why?

Acrylamide is a “harmful” substance that can be found in potatoes when they’re cooked. It’s believed by some to cause cancer and have toxic effects when consumed. So according to this theory, if you cook a potato, you’re essentially cooking cancer. Seems like a pretty good reason to genetically modify a potato, right?


Zero evidence has been found that acrylamide in starchy foods causes cancer in humans. Research confirms that it is indeed a toxic substance. However, according to the body of studies from the last 12 years, one would need to consume approximately 500x the average acrylamide intake. In other words, in order for them to be toxic, you’d have to eat a truckload of potatoes. And if you’ve eaten a truckload of potatoes, I doubt the acrylamide is going to be what kills you.


The fact of the matter is, there is not nearly enough evidence to take this type of initiative. It’s not like genetically modifying foods is something people do in their garages with a make shift chemistry kit. It costs hundreds of thousands, often millions of dollars, to fund these developers and their research. Of all the substances in our food that we KNOW are harmful, why would these people go out of their way to create a whole new strain of potato with lower levels of acrylamide and higher resistance to bruising?

Oh, that’s right! Bruised potatoes don’t make any money!

Fast food chains and grocery stores don’t make a profit from damaged goods. At least not usually (I’m watching you and your spoiled meat chili, Wendy’s). Damage typically happens while goods are in storage or during shipping and is virtually inescapable until the product is modified to meet their standards. Until OUR food is MODIFIED to meet THEIR standards. See anything wrong with this?

This new strain is not being developed in favor of our health, as much as they would make it seem. It is clearly a profitable investment. That is if it becomes popular amongst distributors. But a potato with a longer shelf life would sound pretty appealing to me if I were CEO of a fast food chain.

Monsanto had attempted to put a modified potato on the market in the late 90’s engineered to resist beetles. People didn’t seem to like the idea then and the crop’s market failed. But like most people, they’ve learned from their failures. They are modifying our food for a profit and attempting to comfort us with phony health concerns. Share this around and help get Monsanto off of your plate.



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