The Most Important Science Being Applied to Anti-Aging, Today!

You probably think of rubbing lotion on your face, eating antioxidant food and supplements, doing brain exercises to keep it agile, and physical activities to stay fit …

Let me present you something that will really surprise you and that is available today: Literally keeping your body young, down to the cellular level!

telomere-telomerase_tnA quite recent scientific discovery allows us to influence the genetic clock. The very mechanism by which our body ages has been exposed, and we’ve found the way to reverse it.

It’s the most important breakthrough in the history of medicine and anti-aging care. It is so powerful that it changes people’s lives in a way that no one could achieve before, right from the first days of taking it.


And you can’t find it anywhere else, as it was not available to individuals buyers until today.

The amazing power of this breakthrough lies in a genetic structure called telomeres, the element that controls the aging of our cells.

What are the telomeres? They’re the protective ends of our DNA strings:

It is known that telomeres protect your DNA and that when they become too short, the cells can’t multiply anymore.

Telomeres are considered as our biological clock, and each time our cells divide, and the DNA replicates itself, the telomeres get shorter and shorter until the cells stop dividing and die, and ultimately the entire body is unable to regenerate itself and it dies too.

This process happens slowly, and it’s called aging.

Fortunately, science found a molecule that activates the regeneration of the telomeres, lengthening them again, allowing your cells to duplicate ever and ever again, rebuilding your body anew, repairing your damaged DNA, and reconstructing your organs to their original design.

telomerase-fonctioning_tnIn 1999, Elisabeth Blackburn was Laureate of the Nobel Prize for discovering the telomere activator enzyme named telomerase. Telomerase rebuilds the end of the telomeres to their original length after each cell division, halting the biological death-clock.

But telomerase is less and less generated in the cells, as years go by, and that’s why telomeres are not restored and become shorter and shorter.

What I am presenting you today is the discovery of a peptide that will reactivate the production of telomerase in the cells, allowing the repairation of the telomeres, and resulting in the rejuvenation of the body, right down to the genetic cellular level.

This peptide was discovered, tested and patented by the Prof. Vladimir Khavinson and his associate scientists during the past 15 years. It was reserved to a few privileged people in the world until today.

This simple tetrapeptide simulates the effect of a secretion from the pineal gland, that activates the production of telomerase in the cells. Several studies have proven that the length of telomeres increases after taking this peptide, orally, and the humans taking it live longer than those who don’t.

Epitalon_Telomerase_longevite_web-300x201After 12 years of taking the peptide Epitalon several weeks per year, the scientist's subjects in this study showed a lifespan 30 to 50% longer than those who didn’t take it. Taking Epithalon gave them an average of 7 extra years of life in excellent health.

This clinical study lasted only for 12 years, and they gained 7 extra years of life, but of course, nothing stops you from taking Epitalon forever, and live healthy for … ever!

Rejuvenated cells are also the key to an efficient immune system. For that reason, taking Epitalon will also keep your body fit against all the diseases.

This small peptide is simply made of 4 amino acids, but its effect on the body is the most amazing thing that we had ever imagined and witnessed.

This amazing supplement is taken by numerous doctors around the world, and a few privileged patients that consult them. Now you can have it too!

Read more about Epitalon, here, or get it, now, through OceansLab!

The exceptional effects of Epitalon are not based on false evidence or on placebo effects, as some would have us believe, but on scientific and clinical studies published internationally for many years.


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