SNL Takes A Crack At HPV Vaccine


HPV vaccines have been featured in the news a lot lately, especially stemming from presidential candidate splits over the matter. It was only inevitable that Saturday Night Live would feature a spoof!

Funny, scary, creepy or all of the above?

They did a seemingly fun, upbeat ad featuring a little girl’s doll that can inoculate its young owner with the HPV vaccine. It seemed like something that could be so well marketed to little girls which is what adds to the dark humor as well as the insidiousness of giving little girls the vaccine in the first place.

They even included in the snappy song with the line “…side effects include fever and nausea” (but opted to leave out death as a possible side effect).

Points well made, Saturday Night Live!

Lil’ Poundcake…the only thing you’re gonna get infected with – is fun! Creepy…..

~Health Freedoms



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