Rapper Waka Flocka Says He Lost Weight By Ditching GMO’s


Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka has taken his health in a positive direction recently, and he says all he did was start eating organic. Flocka’s page is seen by millions of people, and many of his fans have commented that they are considering going organic as well.

The post below shows his stunning transition, before and after:

Big difference… All I did was cut all GMO products ??

A photo posted by WAKA FLOCKA (@wakaflocka) on

Other hip-hop artists have been inspired to share their organic success stories as well. Independent hip-hop artist PTP, who also has a song called GMOS, responded to Flocka’s post with a before/after shot of his own, and the following caption:

“Apparently the rapper Waka flocka posted a pic of his weight loss crediting it to cutting out GMO products. I am here to back that theory up and confirm this. For the past few years I dabbled in educating myself and slowly making the transition to less and less GMO. Well I cut out about 95% GMO products a year ago. Within months the health change was drastic. This picture in particular was completely due to non GMO. I
am here are living walking proof of how unhealthy GMOs make Americans. Which leads to so much more that I won’t get into. Try the non GMO lifestyle, it works… ??. I’ll post wacka flocka in the comments.
Like I said before. The photo on the left was taken December 14’/January of 2015… And on the right was like March 2015. Proof is in the non GMO avocado based chemical free pudding”