Pediatrician Who Won’t Vaccinate Receiving Heat from the ‘Medical Mafia’

A Tennessee MD, Dr. Daniel Kalb, who runs the Cool Springs Family Medicine made a brave and bold statement on his clinic website recently: “No More Vaccines at Cool Springs Family Medicine.” The message on its home page also included eight reasons why Dr. Kalb is no longer interested in administering vaccinations. Cool Springs is on the outskirts of Nashville, TN.

Dr. Kalb is receiving the backlash heat from the medical mafia. His reasons include vaccines can cause autism, they contain toxic chemicals (he lists them) with this preface:

“…I’ve had 15 years experience taking care of ASD (autism spectrum disorders) kids, that’s a lot of vaccine injury stories from moms. Don’t tell me they are making it up or that they are reaching for an explanation or that it was a coincidence or that they are just too stressed or that they are uniformed. All of those arguments are stupid. (Emphasis added)

Dr. Kalb’s eight reasons were preserved by You can view them below:



But his message has been removed from his website. The medical mafia machinery’s gears are in motion. Tennessee may have its own version of the UK  Dr. Wakefield slander and lies witch hunt soon.

Other Doctors Waking Up to Fake Vaccine Science

Dr. Kalb reportedly had earlier attended the Autism One Conference in Chicago, which coincided with a large Vaxxed showing where a Dr. Rachel Ross, who often appeared as a co-host in the daytime TV show “The Doctors” openly confessed to a Vaxxed screening after it was over the following:

“From the outside looking in now and as I’m saying this to all you people, I almost feel like an ass…..It’s kinda like, you wake up one day and you just feel like, God! I’m just blindly, like a robot, following through with this [vaccinations] with no new data, no new information and didn’t know what was in them…”

“That’s part of why physicians are very resistant to this information because you have to sit at home and redigest and relearn everything that you learned and come to terms with the damage that you potentially caused through the years.”

Perhaps this confession was a major turning point for Dr. Kalb, or perhaps he was suspecting all along and looking for the right time to come out of the antivax closet. Just as someone commented that Dr. Ross hasn’t been on the show since, so is Dr. Kalb on the threshold of harassment from the Tennessee Medical Board.

He may have to switch over to become a Naturopathic doctor, just as Dr. Ken O’Neal did in Texas did after being harassed by the Texas Medical Board. Prior to the final TMB hearing, a TMB attorney offered a verbal plea bargain to reinstate Dr. Ken’s physician license if he agreed to certain stipulations.

Dr. Ken, as he is affectionately known, saw that it was an attempt to censure his knowledge for handling patients better than AMA standards, and he refused. Instead, Dr. Ken sent a certified letter to the TMB stating he didn’t want their license because the AMA’s standard of care protocols had become the number one cause of death in the USA by 2005. Now he is a naturopathic doctor. (Source)

It’s crazy that doctors who are sincere and see through the AMA standard of care and the pharmaceutical cartel’s stranglehold on medicine keeps them in a terrible bind after years of preparing to practice. Hopefully, as time goes on, more and more MD s will say we don’t need no stinkin’ license.

Just as the anti-GMO movement needs to involve more farmers, so too does the vaccine resistance movement need more doctors.



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