Obama Administration Silences Scientist Who Speaks Truth About GMO

This is the worst thing you will read all day (but you should read it). It is no secret that Government agencies don’t enjoy, nor harbor, the presence of those who work against their dogma; a dogma typically stout with crony backdoor deals which prove very profitable. Government agencies are merely businesses which server to protect their own interest.

The case of Jonathan Lundgren, a Scientist who wrote an article for the scientific journal Naturwissenschaften, is just such a perfectly built example. His article had to do with clothianidin, a neonicotinoid, harming monarch butterflies. Neonicotinoids already have a rather salaciously bad rap, having been featured in several documentaries as the main cause of our bee population dwindling away. In this case, Lundrgren was focusing mostly on the butterflies.

Lundgren’s life would change drastically when he was scheduled by the National Academy of Sciences to give a speech on the ill-effects of GMO crops. A series of backlash events by the USDA have called into question the ability for any scientist to legitimately study the effects of GMOs and other controversial matters. If the Obama administration shuts down these scientists, it radically changes the thoroughfare of evolved information.

Lundgren’s full story is published in the Atlantic and it is a frightening ready. I suggest everyone read it (click here).

Here is an excerpt.

For anyone who cares about scientific integrity, or about agricultural practices and policies with profound consequences for everyday life, it’s a disturbing allegation. The potential ramifications extend beyond Lundgren to other scientists who might be discouraged from studying important but politically contentious topics.


Keeping in mind, this is published in The Atlantic, which by all standards is considered a mainstream news source. The fact that this transgression by the Obama Administration is so vile and so obvious, it has received even mainstream media attention over the matter, should tell you a lot.

Our food supply is our lifeblood. Government agencies silencing those scientist attempting to shed light on their transgressions is a terrifying thought. It is my hope that this type of information is shared more liberally, that more people understand what is happening.




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