Naturally Treat Crepey Skin and Sag at Home

As we age we can see the slow appearance of crepey skin and sag, and you may have thought you have to accept it. But, you don't!

I tried a few natural crepey skin remedies that I think really worked for me. These tips helped significantly reduce crepey skin on my face – but the most impressive results were on my neck and chest.

A face & neck exercise routine is the only home remedy for crepey skin that really worked for me! This picture was taken 20 weeks after starting the crepey skin remedy.

P.S. Also, take note of the marionette lines (lines that run down from the corners of the mouth) they are not as long or as deep like in the before picture. This is REAL progress!!

More Crepey Skin Remedy Pictures

Ok, enough of the neck, how about the worst area – the crow's feet!

NOTE: I know these two pictures look disconnected – but the before picture was taken years ago with a different camera.


But still, you can see the difference and amount of lines around the eyes. The skin no longer looks as crepey as before!

Also, notice that the few lines that are left are going UPWARD and not down like in the before picture?

I think it's because the facial workouts are lifting my facial muscles up and my cheeks are higher as a result.


There are many reasons but the main culprit is thinning skin due to collagen loss and muscle atrophy. Women notice it more than men because of fluctuating hormones.

This is especially true a few years before menopause. And, it seems to get worse after menopause. But, that doesn't mean we can't do something to help improve the look and feel of our skin.

Natural Crepey Skin Remedies – My Faves!

Massage And Exercise!

Manipulate the skin – whether on your face, neck, or arms massaging the skin and building up the underlying muscle worked for me. It helps reduce that thin, crepey, paper look.

While we all can't afford to get a full body massage, here are things you can do at home to take advantage of the benefits of a massage.

Topical Crepey Skin Remedies

While the most common reason for that crinkly, crepe–like appearance is due to age-related thinning and wrinkling of the dermis, sometimes extremely dry skin can take on that “waffley ” look too.

So hydrating is, of course, an important choice when looking for natural remedies.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

From head-to-toe. Whether that crepey look is on your elbows or under your eyes – deep hydration can make a difference.

A great natural moisturizer you can make at home is a combination of honey and olive oil.

Try this (no exact measurements needed):

Don't worry, it won't be sticky. The warm water will rinse away the honey and all that's left is a little bit of olive oil 🙂

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate!

Manually exfoliating the dermis can help stimulate collagen production and improve the appearance of dry dull skin – anywhere on the face and body.

A simple homemade remedy is the sugar and olive oil scrub. Sugar naturally contains alpha hydroxy acid (AHA's) and the olive oil is a great hydrator. PERFECT COMBO!

Try this (no exact measurements needed):

What Else To Do about Crepey Skin?

In my opinion and experience, the best natural home remedy for crepey skin is a good facial exercise routine. It's safe and inexpensive.

However, there are other options that can help reduce crepey skin on the face and neck.

Some take more time than others and some are more effective (and more costly) than others. These remedies include:

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