Mandatory Vaccines And Eliminating Philisophical Exemptions Is Moving Forward In The Ohio Legislature


A growing number of parents across the nation are now going against the recommendations of the CDC vaccine schedule – which currently promotes the injecting of 49 doses of various vaccines before a child turns 6 years old. The number of parents opting out of the onslaught of childhood vaccinations has doubled since 2009. As vaccine use plummets, state legislatures are trying to find new ways to bully parents into the vaccination cycle.

A new bill in Ohio (HB 564) seeks to intimidate parents into vaccine compliance by forcing them to be re-educated about the benefits of vaccines. Ohio parents will no longer be allowed to send their children to public schools unless they see a state-licensed medical doctor first to receive such re-education. If the parent objects to a vaccine, and determines it’s not worth the risk to their child, they will no longer get to make that choice freely. This law will put parents under the control of the medical system by denying any philosophical exemption the parent may have.

Since vaccines are a medical procedure, informed consent should always be required. However, if this law were to pass, the government could make extremely risky medical decisions without parental consent. HB 564 allows school administrators to vaccinate children without parental consent, if officials deem it necessary.

The state is claiming ownership of children’s bodies, trampling on the natural rights and convictions of parents

If Ohio parents object to a vaccine, they will be required by law to report to and get permission from a state-licensed medical doctor. The doctor is then required by the state to bully the parents with pro-pharmaceutical propaganda that makes vaccines look like perfect medical science. If the parents still object to the vaccine after the doctor has tried to forcibly brainwash them, they can then try to obtain a “religious exemption.” At this stage, many parents will just go along to get along because it’s easier to comply than argue with a doctor or be investigated, harassed, and/or profiled.

Under the pressure of this new medical system dictate, it will be easier for parents to just let go of their natural born rights and throw away their own education, experiences and convictions on vaccines. If parents continue to object, doctors will easily feel threatened and may attempt to call in the CPS to kidnap the child and put them into state custody. This is a growing problem around the country.

At the end of day, parents won’t be able to obtain a “religious exemption” to the vaccines unless the medical doctor and the state give them permission. In this way, parents are being turned into slaves of the state, and essentially slaves of the pharmaceutical companies which ultimately control the science, the law and the minds of medical professionals.

Most disturbingly, the state is essentially claiming ownership over children’s bodies. If parents want to use the public school education system (most parents have no choice), they must sign their sovereign, parental rights away to the state, subjecting their children to being pincushions for endless vaccine and pharmaceutical experiments.

Parents don’t need permission to raise healthy and independent children

Why should parents be forced to vaccinate their children endlessly for benign illnesses that the body can build natural, lifelong immunity to?

Why should parents be forced to retrain their child’s entire immune system (weakening natural first line defenses) with ongoing shots?

Why should parents fear diseases that have statistically been overcome in communities with proper hygiene, sanitation and nutrition?

How many micrograms of aluminum are in those 49 vaccine doses, and how do they affect children’s neurological development?

These questions (and many more concerns of parents) will not be answered, or in fact entertained at all in Ohio, because the medical system may soon have the authority of the law to ram pro-vaccine propaganda down parents’ throats, intimidating them into vaccine compliance, barring their children from public school attendance, or vaccinating them against a parent’s will.

Vaccines (singularly or in compounding doses) can damage children subtly or dramatically for life. More people are recognizing this and saying NO. No parent needs permission or an exemption to make a medical decision for their own body or for the bodies of their children.



  1. This IS the big government republicans keep complaining about!!
    Yet they are the top advocates of this ineffective and phony treatment,
    and refuse investigation, kinda like climate change.
    Most of the information out there is nothing but industry advertisements .

  2. Vaccination was a fraud from the very beginning, with Edward Jenner, who claimed to immunize against smallpox with pus from an unrelated animal disease called “cowpox.” (The word vaccine comes from the Latin word vacca which means cow.) And this fraudulent practice continued into the early twentieth century. As Eleanor McBean documented in her book “The Poisoned Needle,” smallpox actually SPREAD wherever the cowpox vaccine went, probably because it lowered people’s immunity and dirty needles spread the infection. In fact, smallpox wasn’t eradicated by vaccination but by improved hygiene, improved sanitation, and rat extermination – just as the Bubonic Plague (Black Death) had been eradicated centuries earlier, before any vaccines existed! But here’s the added crime: The powers-that-be are now trying to control your mind and your body, forcing you to buy their lies. And THIS IS FASCISM. California is the first state, and now the list is growing, while an openly-fascist candidate is gaining support in his effort to be elected president, and perhaps this nation’s first openly-unapologetic dictator. “For God put it into their hearts to give their kingdom unto the beast.” And if you want to know precisely WHY all of this is going down, A Course in Truth dot com will lead you to the answer.

  3. Great comment until you suggested that a male presidential candidate is a “fascist” and “dictator” who will sign on to the mandatory vaccination movement. Can you explain what evidence you have for that? I’m particularly interested because the candidate, Hillary Cinton, expressly tweeted that she supports mandatory vaccination and literally said “the sky is blue” and “everyone should be forced to get all vaccines”, then hash tagged “grandma’s know best”. If any candidate for POTUS will do the bidding of Big Pharma, it is Hillary Clinton.

  4. Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown is not a Republican, and he definitely supported and signed off on SB 277. Are you claiming Dr. Richard Pan, the force behind SB 277 is a Republican? Gee, he was elected as a Democratic candidate. See above, the only presidential candidate I know who has gone on the record as being in favor of forced, mandatory vaccine is the Democrat Hillary Clinton.

  5. It isn’t difficult to see that Trump is entirely ego-driven. And if you read my book “The Holy Grail is Found” you will see why I know that the EGO is that which the Bible calls ‘the devil” and “satan.” Trump is obviously entirely dictatorial and it amazes me that some people don’t see what that means for this nation. The only people with a clear view are those who desire Truth. And, unfortunately, we are a minority in this world. Because, most people desire Truth to be what they desire Truth to be, which is the OPPOSITE of desiring Truth! Because, this is the desire to LIMIT truth, which was our original error, and the very reason why we are experiencing this world of limitation in the first place (as I explain in my book). No, Hillary isn’t the perfect candidate, and yes, her views on vaccination are insane. However, her level of insanity pales in comparison to that of a man who I know to be quite literally an antichrist. And, if elected, his reign will usher in the reign of “the beast” spoken of in the Revelation of John. But even if not, we are showing that we are ready to elect the Antichrist. And if Hillary gets elected we have but a 4 year reprieve before the inevitable happens. “God put it into their hearts to give their kingdom unto the beast” because those people do NOT desire Truth. And the flame must burn the hand so that we learn to remove our hand from the fire. Yes, the Meaning of Life in this world has finally been revealed. And by no other than the two witnesses of John’s Revelation. Read my book if you want their full testimony; if you desire Truth rather than desiring Truth to be what you want Truth to be. And the blessing that I have been given will become your own! Amen.

  6. When you meet someone who’s not ego-driven, please let us know. HRC and the Clinton Crime Family are totally ego driven, but you don’t see that? Interesting. Check out their record since 1986. I will read your book. Sounds fascinating. The Truth is exactly what I care about. Given the state of banking, globalism, overpopulation, trafficking, slavery and trade treaties, the next 4 years will usher in horrific conditions for the 90% if the Clinton Crime Family returns to the White House. Look in the mirror, Tom. Are your beliefs and desires preventing you fro seeing the Truth?

  7. Discernment is a gift that not all people have. All people have the ego, but Pope Francis isn’t as ego-driven as Adolph Hitler. Hitler was ego-driven more than most people, and this is easy enough to see, both before and after Hitler’s rule. But many saw it too late. Donald Trump is ego-driven more than most people (including the Clintons) and if you don’t see it before his rule I guess you won’t know the Antichrist until he is kicking in your door. “For God put it into their hearts to give their kingdom unto the beast,” those who are not able to discern Truth from their own desire for Truth to conform to their wishes. Russian roulette is the game of those who wish to elect an egotist who has absolutely no diplomatic experience, but tons of dictatorial experience. But that which is common sense to some of us is not so common to others.

  8. By the way, thanks for your comment concerning the book, and I hope you do read it. I love nothing more than sharing this most liberating information, and you can contact me with comments/questions through my website contact page.

  9. I care about the Truth, and I’ve worked in the law for a long time. I know Trump, and know folks who know him. Unless you know him, I find it odd that you would deem him the anti-christ and call him a dictator. It seems you don’t know him at all. Trump has all kinds of diplomatic experience, and he’s met many, many people over the years. I’m sorry, but you are coming across to me as someone “working for” the Clinton Crime Family. Why do I get the feeling that you are doing the bidding of the Clintons, and I cannot imagine more corrupt, evil folks than Hillary Clinton (HRC) and Bill Clinton. There is nothing they wouldn’t do for power and money. Nothing. For starters, Hillary kept a separate set of schedules/books and a separate clerk who handled just her Teneo appointments, which occurred while she was SOS. You might want to research that scandal. The scandals and deaths and financial losses to others and misuse and abuse of government/ taxpayer funds and murder of 16 year old boys connected to the drug and illegal activities at Mena Airport, etc., etc., then let’s recall a few other scandals, Whitewater, Madison Savings and Loan, Vincent Foster’s death. That you have no difficulty accepting the totally inappropriate sale of weapons to foreign countries signed off on by HRC after said countries paid millions into the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. The hundreds of speeches at $250,000 a pop. The “Pardons” issued by Bill Clinton in his final days in office to organized crime figures and thieves. If you think “seeing” ego-driven demons is a matter of “common sense”, then I strongly suggest you look at real facts of which there are many!

  10. If we simply let Donald speak for himself, all we need to do is listen: Trump – “I believe in an eye for an eye.” Interviewer – “Don’t you want to be bigger than that?” Trump – “I don’t mind being small.” In his book ” The Art of the Deal ” Trump says, ” You tell people a lie three times and they will believe anything. You tell people what they want to hear, play to their fantasies and then you close the deal.” And this parallels Adolph Hitler, who said in his book “Mein Kampf” that “The people will believe a big lie before they will believe a small lie,” and he goes on to explain that this is because most people tell small lies but can’t conceive of being so ego-driven and uncaring as to tell big lies. Like Adolph Hitler, Donald Trump doesn’t mind being that small – AS HE HIMSELF STATES! Stephen Hawking said: Trump “is a demagogue who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator.” And the lowest common denominator is the EGO, which the Bible calls “the devil” and “satan.” I’m sorry, but this is simply obvious to many of us, and you can find many who are making the “Hitler” comparison, although I wasn’t influenced by any of them. My opinion is influenced by a man who is using people’s fears of ethnic groups in order to gain votes – as Hitler did. My opinion is influenced by a man who repeatedly uses words of division and fear-mongering whenever it suits his selfish purposes. But it matters not what our opinions are. I believe the man is going to get elected, because he has indeed pulled the wool over the eyes of an amazingly huge segment of our population. And the results will speak for themselves. I see him as beginning the fascist march. And, like Jesse Ventura, I then see him being assassinated by power-brokers who will use a “Mohammed” or a Mexican so as to further the fascist agenda. “Hear me now and believe me later,” as one of my favorite comedians used to say. On the other hand, if Hillary gets elected we have 4 years before this same scenario WILL go down. Because the people have shown that they are indeed ready for it, and they will be even MORE ready if the backlash is allowed to grow, through 4 more years of non-conservative, non-neo-Nazi reign. But please understand that MY understanding concerning absolutely everything in this world is founded upon the foundation of ALL understanding. The ancients referred to it as “The Philosopher’s Stone.” And it is revealed in publication, for the first time in recorded history, in my book. I’ve been blessed beyond my wildest imaginings, and I live to share that blessing – which allows one to have peace of mind through the craziest of times. And that’s my wish for you. No matter what happens, it’s all for the good. And my book gives the most rational and logical of reasons to believe that this is true; unlike blind faith, which is indeed blind and leads its practitioners “into the ditch.”

  11. You are totally missing the point of sarcasm here. My reference was to many republicans constantly saying they don’t want big government, yet never look at where all the money is going, especially military spending(1/2 the budget) and excessive law enforcement equipment and more laws taking freedoms away. Democrats per se are just as bad.


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