How To Treat The Intestines, Our Second Brain For Anxiety And Depression

Caring for the bowel is key to maintaining good emotional health.
Numerous researches have already shown that the tiny microbes that line our intestines have a lot to do with our emotional state. A recent study by researchers at UCLA has confirmed that healthy intestinal bacteria are associated with optimal emotional state. People who maintain their bowels prime condition, lower their risk of diseases related to emotional states, such as depression or anxiety. Today we want to show you how to care for your bowels to avoid depression, anxiety and any kind of emotional imbalance.

Intestinal microbiota and repercussions on brain function
A study conducted at the University of California, confirms that the food we eat can greatly modify the composition of our intestinal flora. People who regularly consume fiber-rich foods in addition to fresh vegetables and fruits have a very different intestinal composition than people following the typical western diet full of fats and carbohydrates.
Studies confirm that our diet not only plays a key role in our metabolism, but also relates in a broader manner to our emotional health.

Intestines: our second brain
After realizing the massive influence our intestinal health has on our emotional health, numerous health experts and specialists have started calling the intestines our “second brain.”
Taking care of the bowel to avoid depression, anxiety and other types of emotional distress, is nowadays a prime thing that all specialists recommend.
One of the many studies conducted on this subject found that young adults who regularly consume processed foods have higher anxiety rates than the adults who do not consume this type food.
Moreover, several studies have confirmed that a good eating habit is clearly related to a healthier emotional state.

There have been many studies focused on the relationship between intestinal health and depression. What is known with certainty is that specialists prescribe to their depressive patients serotonina, a substance found in many foods.
A number of people say that they the first signs of anxiety and depression appeared after they began to suffer intestinal problems.
Here are a few tips on how to care for your bowel to avoid depression, anxiety and  improve your overall emotional health.


How to care for the bowel to avoid depression and anxiety
Today, we live in a world where people rely mostly on pure processed products, full of fats, carbohydrates and stripped of all nutritional components. Many experts agree that high rates of mental disorders like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and other conditions are mostly due to poor diet in the Western world.

Here is what you can do to care for the bowel to avoid depression, anxiety and other emotional disorders:

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