Health Benefits of Sitting Down to Pee

While the anatomy and physiology of male urogenital tract favors them to pee standing, the new sitting-while-urinating method is becoming quite common amongst men. In fact, there are presently around 1/3 of men who choose sitting down to pee and this is not only in the name of cleanliness but health as well.

Reasons why men should consider sitting down to pee over standing form quite a reasonable logic chain:

• Sitting down to pee is definitely more hygienic as it prevents urine splatter.

• Though urine is sterile as it comes out, it may become a perfect growth medium for bacteria. When peeing in sitting position, the spattering of urine is reduced and therefore the spread of disease is prevented.

• Standing to pee activates spine and pelvis muscles which prevent proper emptying the bladder. Incomplete emptying of the bladder in its turn may affect prostate health.


• When men flex spine and pelvis muscles too often in an attempt to prevent flatus or defecation while in the standing position, they disrupt healthy urine flow which leads to urination disorders and results in impaired micturition.

• Improved bladder emptying decreases prostate problems and allows for better sexual life.

As you see, health benefits of sitting down to pee are indisputable, not to speak about the improved hygiene. It is especially advisable to men with lower urinary tract symptoms as this method will help them to pee with greater force and empty their bladders more efficiently. Yet, healthy young men may experience no benefit by sitting instead of standing to pee. Thus, the decision is up to your convenience and bodily requirement.

However, it helps to remember that cleanliness is next to healthiness. Moreover, think of women who hate when the toilet seat isn’t put down and that men’s pee can bounce of the toilet bowl. When you are sitting down to pee, you don’t have to worry about putting down the toilet seat ever again and there remain no urine spots all over the toilet, so your wife won’t be angry with you every time she cleans it. Needless to say your wife will appreciate that you reduce the amount of work she has to do and may give you a treat in the evening.



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