Door-To-Door Surprise Vaccinations In CA District


A school district in California took a healthcare employee with a news crew around to make sure all the kids had their vaccinations. You can see in the video they applied pressure to parents to vaccinate the children on the spot. A mother told the worker to “Get the f— out!”

They chose to do this right in the middle of the district’s budget crisis. And guess who doesn’t vaccinate his kids? See the video below.

Remember the article about Malawai children being vaccinated at gunpoint? That started with “health surveillance assistants” going into town and door-to-door. Think it can’t happen here?

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California District Is Doing Unannounced Door-to-Door Vaccines

The Natomas Unified School District in Sacramento, California is in financial trouble.* They’ve cut teacher salaries. Employees are being forced to take time off without pay. Class sizes are getting bigger and bigger. But when it comes to vaccinations, the sky’s the limit. The district is now doing door-to-door vaccinations. Unannounced. And they’ve taken a news crew around with them. Here’s a video showing it:

Please note that the original video posted showed only the television presentation. It is now gone, but this one starts with the same news report and adds more, including some swear words in a voice over and a statement by Dr. Oz that his kids aren’t vaccinated because his wife won’t allow it—even though he advocates vaccines on his show and website!

Could it possibly be more clear that our children are being handed over to Big Pharma as a profit center? Parents who make the intelligent choice not to vaccinate their children are subjected to humiliation and intimidation. Their children may be prevented from going to school. The news media acts as cheerleader and propagandist.

Parents are pressured. Not shown in the video is that they aren’t provided information about their right to opt out. If they choose to opt out, they aren’t given the exemption forms. No information is given about risks associated with the vaccine.

The vaccination in question is Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis), and is one of the most questionable. The pertussis portion provides no protection against the new outbreaks of whooping cough, and is actually responsible for causing the new more virulent, 10 times as deadly, strain.

April Boden, who provided the information about this travesty, has written a letter of protest that delineates the California statute clearly stating that vaccines may not be mandated, and asks anyone and everyone to copy, paste, and send it. Here’s the letter, followed by addresses:

To Whom It May Concern,

After viewing the news report on how your school district decided to go door to door asking parents to vaccinate their children with Tdap in their homes, I grew concerned about your school’s knowledge of students’ and parents’ rights.  I wonder if, instead of leaping to an assumption that the parents are experiencing different “family situations”, they may be having concerns over the safety and efficacy of the vaccine itself.  It has certainly been all over the news that there is a Whooping Cough/Pertussis outbreak in California; however, very little is addressed about the fact that nearly all of those who contracted the disease had neither been fully vaccinated for it nor that California itself has one of the highest vaccination rates for Tdap in the country.  Any parent informed of this may question the logic of yet another mandate on their child in order to attend school.  Would it not be more appropriate to to offer them the exemption form Cdph 8261 as required in lieu of vaccination?  Particularly given that it is their right to seek exemption on grounds of Personal Beliefs, and furthermore, in light of the information about the questionable efficacy of the vaccine.  Find the a link to the CNN article that addresses this below.  The law for vaccine mandate states as follows:

120365. Immunization of a person shall not be required for admission to a school or other institution listed in Section 120335 if the parent or guardian or adult who has assumed responsibility for his or her care and custody in the case of a minor, or the person seeking admission if an emancipated minor, files with the governing authority a letter or affidavit stating that the immunization is contrary to his or her beliefs. However, whenever there is good cause to believe that the person has been exposed to one of the communicable diseases listed in subdivision (a) of Section 120325, that person may be temporarily excluded from the school or institution until the local health officer is satisfied that the person is no longer at risk of developing the disease.”

Was this information fully disclosed to the parents and was a vaccine exemption form provided?  I have reason to believe they were not.  I respectfully request that in the future, the district and News 10 act in a manner that is appropriate, fair and respectful to the privacy and wishes of families whose concerns about vaccination safety and efficacy are increasing.  It is explicitly inappropriate to assume their “neglect” and display their names, addresses, and phone numbers on broadcast news.

Thank you for your time.


Vaccination role unclear in whooping cough outbreak:

Natomas Unified School District
1901 Arena Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95834
Phone: (916) 567-5400

Television news company that did the video:
400 Broadway
Sacramento, CA 95812-0010
News Room Phone: (916) 321-3300

*Natomas Unified School District Salary Cut & Furlough Agreement

By Heidi Stevenson




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