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Dear Health Freedom Advocates:

The primary mission of Health Freedom Alliance is to inform the public and medical community of the benefits of Alternative Medicine and other proven Complementary Therapies. We believe that furthering the education, research and development of alternative health choices will result in saving millions of lives worldwide. By donating, you help our Outreach programs give support to families and individuals who may be on trial for choosing health alternatives and/or opting out of forced medical “care” such as vaccinations.

Please contact us if you would like to go above and beyond for our cause by providing short-term living accommodations, temporary use of transportation, etc. Also, remember you can help us a great deal with your time by sending us emails/comments of your personal experiences in relation to our organization. Your contributions are key to shedding light on the information war that persists in mainstream medicine and media, as well as helping those being treated unjustly. Without you, this site and it’s programs would not exist.

Thank You Freedom Fighters!