Do You Want to Live a Longer Life in Good Health?

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Simple practices can make some difference, such as moderate but regular exercise or calorie restriction, supplementation with antioxidants and healthy living (no alcohol, no smoking, no stress).

But over the long haul all that really matters is medical biotechnology: progress towards therapies that can repair and reverse the known root causes of aging.

2013 was the year to remember in anti-aging biotechnology, as it is the first time ever that the age reversing peptide Epitalon was made available to the public.

Epitalon penetrates your blood stream through the mucous membrane of your mouth, and brings the signal to your cells to start manufacturing telomerase again. Your body stopped manufacturing this crucial enzyme since you when were still in your mother’s womb, and from that day on your telomeres have become shorter and shorter … condemning you to a limited lifespan of anywhere from 60 to 120 years.


working_principle_of_telomerase_tnTelomeres shorten during each cell division, until they become too short for the cell to reproduce, and it brings death or bad mutation to your cells.

The enzyme telomerase allows for replacement of short bits of this DNA known as telomeres, which are otherwise shortened when a cell divides via mitosis.

Only the enzyme telomerase can add DNA sequences to your telomeres to lenghten them, thus allowing more duplication of your cells, adding more years of healthy living to your body.

Unfortunately, taking telomerase by mouth doesn’t work, as it is not able to penetrate the cell from the outside. Only a signal from your pineal gland can trigger the production of telomerase inside the cells. That’s the role of our Epitalon, to send the signal to your cells to start to manufacture telomerase again.

epitalonpepEpitalon is the sole and only product that proved to lenghten human telomeres in published scientific studies. No other product, whatever their advertising tells you, has ever been proven to allow your cells to overcome the Hayflick limit.

With Epitalon, one can begin to apply these findings immediately, because it's available now through OceansLab.


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