Do These Things Immediately If Doctors Diagnose You With Cancer!



Nowadays, cancer is considered as one of the most dangerous diseases. Many people are suffering from this terrible disease, and sometimes their doctors manage to save them but sometimes they fail.

If you are diagnosed with cancer, you should definitely do the following things immediately.


5 Ways of Reducing Formation of Cancer and its Growth:


Decrease inflammation.

Foods that fight inflammation-infographThe most chronic disease along with cancer are connected with inflammation. Out of control inflammation lead to insulin resistance, which is one of the main factors for all these diseases. Try consuming more anti-inflammatory foods, like Turmeric, and also foods rich in omega-3 like wild fish and flax-seeds.

Put an end to food sensitivities.

fotolia_4100586_XSAccording to one major study, hidden gluten sensitivity increases the death risk by 35 to 75%, primarily by causing cancer heart disease. The most usual triggers of food allergies are gluten and dairy and they are connected to insulin resistance.

Give up sugar.

SUGARSugar causes diabetes and it feeds cancer. You should control the insulin levels in order to put a stop or to control cancer. In order to do that, you should consume foods rich in fiber, fresh foods and try to eliminate or minimize processed, sugary foods and foods which raise the insulin levels.

Reduce exposure to toxins.

10-Most-Common-Toxic-ChemicalsAn average newborn has 287 chemicals in their umbilical cord blood and 217 of them are neuro-toxic. Some of these chemicals are flame retardants, phathalates, pesticides, bisphenol A and some heavy metals like mercury, arsenic and lead. They increase the risk of developing cancer since they damage the nervous system.


Improve your gut health.

probiotics1Avoid inflammatory foods and instead of them, add more probiotics, lots of phytonutrients since the cancer often begins in the gut.








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