California’s SB 649 PAUSED for Now – Would Have Placed 5G Transmitters Near Our Homes

5G technology sounds great at first thought. But how safe is it? We are still researching the dangers of current cellular service technology.

California had pending legislation, SB649, that would have “streamlined placement of 5G small cell Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) on electric and light poles in front of businesses and residences.” Had the bill passed it would have eliminated local control and jurisdiction with regard to DAS placement throughout the state of California. It would have stripped local governments of their property rights and forced them to ignore safety, aesthetic, and health issues.

But thankfully, it didn’t pass. At least not yet. And that’s a good thing (thanks to Activist Post for the following list):

  • US NTP $25 million dollar study proved RF emissions from 2G causes DNA breaks, cancers of the brain and heart.
  • Over 220 international scientists have sent an appeal to the WHO that RF emissions are already out of control, without the impending additions from this bill.
  • Increase in health care costs due to growing health problems in the population.
  • Lowered productivity at work due to negative health impacts from the increased wireless radiation exposures
  • Lloyd’s of London and Swiss Re, two major insurance companies of the world, will not cover medical expenses incurred due to exposure to electromagnetic radio frequency radiation (EMR) (i.e. cell phones, wifi, cell tower, antennas, DAS, IoT devices, smart meters, etc.)
  • Environmental devastation from loss of oxygen producing foliage due to damage of trees and vegetation from EMR exposures
  • Environmental devastation from astronomical increases of approximately 124,416 lbs. of CO2 per city every day, or 1.6 trillion lbs. of carbon per year nationwide emissions from powering up the 5G DAS infrastructure 24/7 (and this doesn’t include the carbon footprint created from all the other IoT network and clouds)

Again, thankfully SB 649 was voted out of committee by a unanimous vote. It will now go to a full Senate vote and then on to the Assembly for its committees. It’s not too late to contact your CA State Senator and tell them to VOTE NO on SB 649.

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