British Cardiologist And Colleagues Claim Fats Are Good For You And Not The Reason For Weight Gain!


We always hear how fats are bad for our health because they clog the arteries thus increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. However, according to an eminent British cardiologist, Dr. Asim Malhotra, this is not true.

According to Dr. Malhotra, the fats are not the ones to blame for your bad health, but the sugar. If consumed in moderation, full-fat products are in fact good for your health. Moreover, it has been discovered that full-fat products like milk and meat are not associated with heart diseases, in fact they can prevent cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. The doctor even suggest people to avoid the low-fat products that are flooding the market in recent years, and he advices people to eat eat full-fat products and groceries that contain saturated fats. When I say to them to stay away from everything that supposedly lowers cholesterol, they stare at me with their mouths open”, says Dr. Malhotra.

Moreover, the doctor says that the products that are supposed to lower your cholesterol levels actually increase the risk of heart attack. Fats are not the main cause of obesity.  “I stayed away from full-fat products, exercised, and I still had stomach fat. That’s when I started researching the effect of fats on my health”, says the doctor.

We previously mentioned that the doctor claims that sugar is the number one enemy to your health. His fellow professor, Dr. Robert Lustig shares the same view. He has been studying the link between fats, sugar and obesity in children and he discovered that the most dangerous products are the sugary ones. The doctors even suggests that these products should have a warning label similar to the one found on tobacco and alcohol products. Nowadays, many cardiologists share this view, among who is the cardiologist Gari Tobs. Tobs says that obesity doesn’t have anything with the number of calories we eat – it has to do with what type of food we eat.

The fact that 23% of Swedish people eat a full-fat diet with as little carbs as possible is another support to this theory. A Swedish cardiologist, Dr. Andreas Enfeldt developed a diet low in carbs but high in full-fat which a lot of people see as a “time bomb”. However, the numbers of obesity are increasing all over the world, but they are rapidly decreasing in Sweden. The Swedish Health Council coducted a study which discovered that the diet lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases while also helping you lose weight.

Yet another 2 studies were conducted in 20124 by the Institute Of Medical Research at the University of Cambridge and they showed that full-fat milk can lower the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart diseases if consumed moderately.