BREAKING NEWS:12th Holistic Doctor Found Dead, Alleged Suicide


I was hoping I never had to write a 12th article.  After writing the 11th article about our colleague: prominent Holistic oncologist, Mitch Gaynor MD in NYC.  It was an alleged suicide with Dr. Gaynor. I’d just read his book not too long ago as he’d sent us advanced copies.  I was really just in shock for the last few weeks.

I still get emails on nearly a daily basis from his friends, loved ones and even an old neighbor who just cannot believe Dr. Gaynor took his own life.

I’ve waited a few days on this story on Dr. Marie Paas (a chiropractor)  but people who say they knew her  keep writing me or posting publicly wanting to know why I’m not reporting on it.

The details are scarce, but there are several posts about her passing on Marie Paas’  Facebook page and again, several people who knew her are writing me saying that it was an alleged suicide.

Her website appears to be down as well, though there is a basic front page.

Dr. Paas appears to have been an avid animal lover and advocate for animal rescue as evidenced by her countless posts that stand up for animals rescues and adoptions.

People who knew her are asking on her page if her own pets are alright. That was one of my first thoughts as well as it is so obvious how much she adored animals including her own.

She was a chiropractor who (according to Facebook) graduated from Parker college and her practice appears to be in , Sylacauga, Alabama about 3 hour drive or so from the Florida border (not too far west from Atlanta)

If you call her voice mail listed at her business it still has her voice on the machine as of today.

There are several posts on her page of people who are in absolute shock and disbelief right now and understandably so.  Countless people have left messages what a wonderful person she was – always with a smile on her face.

Our heart goes out to her friends, family, patients and loved ones.



Written by: Erin Elizabeth

As a long time “health nut,” author and public speaker, Erin Elizabeth  has had a passion for the healing arts for nearly 25 years. She started out in her teens working for a green non profit during her four years of undergrad.  Later she trained with Bikram (of Bikram Yoga)  while living in Los Angeles, but gave up the  hot classes for Pilates which she’s been doing now for 20 years.  (continued below)  Connect with her social media at:




  1. I am agreement with Gail Jones re big pharma. Same way they are blocking the legalization of marijuana, or at least pushing to keep any use of it a criminal offense….until they can figure out how to make a profit off it for themselves and gouge the public. In the meantime, they do not want any “natural” cures.

  2. If they have openly killed 12 health practitioners successfully using this cancer cure, that alone is sufficient to prove it works. Big Pharma kills hundreds of thousands of Americans every year. Just check out the statistics of the numbers of Americans dying after seeing allopathic doctors, taking all their drugs, going to hospitals, and the numbers of dead are huge. The Mainstream media hides all of these facts, and focuses on this distraction or that, all with the purpose of brainwashing. Big Pharma makes trillions of dollars a year, profiting hundreds of billions of dollars a year, and the entire US medical research establishment, including NIH, know that after 50 years, they have failed to cure cancer and don’t want to anyway. Barack Obama (BO) rants on and on about gun confiscation to allegedly save lives, and says nothing about the thousands dying from cancer. BO says nothing about 12 lives gone because they were willing to cure cancer with known cancer cures. Pres. Bill, can’t keep his zipper zipped, Clinton held a major press conference in 1996 when California Prop. 215 was passed. Clinton bucked up the War Against Drugs, and ensured that hundreds of billions went into arresting anyone possessing cannabis or recommending it. Old Clinton stood there with 13 different federal agency chiefs and openly threatened any Americans who tried to use cannabis for medicinal reasons. Every medical doctor in California brave enough to recommend cannabis was harassed and harmed. When is the alternative health field going to go public with lawsuits and campaigns to save alternative health practitioners trying to cure cancer? The CDC publicly admitted 3 weeks ago that they deliberately put live cancer cells into 98 Million polio vaccines in the 1950’s and 1960’s, and we wonder where cancer came from. It’s all intentional! Stop trusting the CDC, the NIH, the president or any member of Congress that thinks you’re too stupid to know what is really going on.

  3. Okay, so… Nothing in this article about why you’d link our classmate to this full conspiracy? Aside from people’s disbelief? It would be nice to know who knows what and why it’s suspicious (aside from being unexpected)…

  4. energy weapons and clear gel mixed poisons, they been at it a long time. Carry a quality EMF meter, use surveillance on your front doors windows etc, strong lights to find gels, usually on doors, windows bedding clothing etc.Energy weapons are deployed from vehicles and neighborhood garages, windows etc–.hiking trailheads can have weaponized vehicles there, as well as store ceiling, carry a meter you won’t believe how one is targeted

  5. Jane, you must read “DR. MARY’S MONKEY” By Edward Haslam! It goes into details about the polio vaccine!

  6. This rash of holistic doctor suicides is really a funny smelling thing,. I cannot imagine that many people in one particular field all killing themselves at around the same time. It does remind me of dark times in history where government were scared and they killed people to keep the truth from coming out.

  7. an insane covert war against those who do not espouse party line mentality whose minds can’t be controlled, look up national clandestine services, kind of an overlay, find the overlays, such as in mark rich’s third world war books


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