‘Bill Cosby Was Framed To Stop Him Buying NBC’: Says Ex-Illuminati Source


A number of Conspiracy sites are reporting that Bill Cosby was framed with rape allegations in order to stop him from buying TV network NBC. The alleged ‘Ex Illuminati member’ was reported to have said Bill Cosby became too much of a threat to the establishment.

Bill Cosby’s TV wife, Phylicia Rashad has not only broken her silence, she’s come out swinging … accusing the women who claim sexual assault of being part of a massive conspiracy.

What do you think?  Do you think any of these sites have any elements of truth? Read full article below…

TMZ News Online reports: Ex-Illuminati member says Bill Cosby is under massive attack by the feared Illuminati. The vilest conceivable claims are being made against him. Who would want to operate under such a burden, especially a person in the public eye? The accusers are women who have worked with the Illuminati in the past and were paid to wildly state they are all victims of rape.

The spewers of this hate are all fabricators. Moreover, without exception they are suppose “victims” of Bill Cosby. Moreover, what extreme hate they are spewing, all under the guise of righteous indignation, all under the protection of the Illuminati who already control a large portion of the global media from the music industry to television.

It should be noted that Whoopi Goldberg has defended Mr. Cosby, asking for hard evidence of the claims. Few if any others have done so, upholding the false witnesses or at least showing sympathy, tolerating their claims. All these so called “victims are paid large amounts of money to make this wild and outrageous claims about Bill Cosby” say Ex-Illuminati member. Bu why? And why make this allegations now? Ex-Illuminati member tells says Bill Cosby, NBC’s biggest star of the 80’s, was trying to buy the television network from its current owner, the General Electric Company.

Norman Brokaw, the chief executive of the William Morris Agency and Mr. Cosby’s personal agent for 30 years, confirmed yesterday that he had discussed Mr. Cosby’s intention to make an offer for NBC with Robert C. Wright, the network’s president. Illuminati leader who control NBC would lose power of the television company if Bill Cosby purchased it the only way to stop the putchase was to ruin Bill Cosby and they started with fake rape allegations.

With no hard evidence the Illuminati had succeeded and destroyed Bill Cosby’s image. Only one woman has came forward a Wilhelmina Model and she admitted being paid to destroy Bill’s reputation.







  1. When I first heard those accusations, I found them hard to believe. They didn’t square with the things I’d heard about him or things he has written. I sincerely hope he’s innocent. There certainly are evil forces in our world, especially when it comes to power, so this exoneration makes sense. Reminds me of Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill. She was a liar too.

  2. It’s laughable. An “ex-Illuminati” member spoke with TMZ. Did he show his Illuminati card to the TMZ hack, I mean “reporter”.

  3. Certainly, no one wants to think ill of Bill Cosby. However, what was proved was Bill Cosby’s paternity of a young woman he refused to meet and to whom he refused to show any kindness. Nope, I don’t think he set up his son for murder, as has been reported. Apparently, the son did get to know his sister and was putting pressure on Bill Cosby. Anita Hill was not a liar as Carol Morrisey seems to think without any support, yet what difference does it make. The Elite owned Clarence Thomas and he has done everything they’ve requested. I’m assuming that the courts will sort this out. If true, there are a lot of innocent women who were raped. A lot, and when I think of how hysterical the P.C women’s movement got over a young swimmer who left a fraternity party with a loose older woman, she leaving on her own 2 feet, when there was no rape both as a matter of law and as a medical fact, I find it strange that people are willing to call 40+ women victims liars. hmmmm.

  4. Pathetic and so disappointing Health Freedom Alliance that you would allow such disinformation on your page. There are more than 100 women spanning more than 50 years of rape who don’t know each other and who, with a few exceptions, have proven integrity and credibility. Some of them are disabled and destroyed due to what he did to them. At least 3 of them state they have witnesses as well. This is rape culture at it’s absolute disgusting peak, using the Illuminati and truthspeaking culture to lie to the public. Cosby is a rapist, he admitted under oath using quaaludes on women before sex. Don’t fall for this disinfo campaign.

  5. He’s a rapist Carol. We don’t want to believe it but unfortunately it’s so. There were witnesses to many of the encounters.

  6. If you are publishing this article about Cosby, you must also be disinformation. Canceling my subscription.

  7. Yup, I must be a sheep because EVERYTHING is an Illuminati conspiracy and I just can’t see it. Baa Baa. Good to see you are using your critical thinking by taking the word of TMZ. A paramount news organization. Your name is apt. Too bad you don’t go beyond that.

  8. Half the articles they put on this site are over the top nonsense so don’t let this one get to you.

  9. More than 100 people? Stop making up things. You just lost all credibility after reading the first part of your 2nd sentence.

  10. Not liars but no medical reports and these are not poor women without healthcare?


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