Big Food Fails at Making Organic Chocolate…But This Company Got It Right!


Looking for a good treat to hush the kids while shopping Whole foods?

…Watch out for the chocolate!

Chocolate today is an abysmal failure, resembling nothing like its ancient roots.  Due to greed, sloth, ignorance, and other seven deadly sins on behalf of food companies, most chocolate is completely devoid of vital nutrition.

Chocolate is so butchered today that people rightly refer to it as a “guilty pleasure.” I call it a “stupid pleasure.” Might as well shovel sugar into your mouth.

Eating real chocolate, as made by such companies as HNINA Gourmet, is a guilt-free, healthy endeavor. But, you won’t get that in most stores. Cacao beans (i.e., the beans that chocolate is made from) tend to be highly refined, butchered by heat processing, and pumped full of unhealthy, disease-fertilizing sugars. Thus their nutritional value is lost.

Consuming typical chocolate products on a regular basis is like asking for diabetes, mood swings, obesity, or a host of other unsavory health problems.

What you really want when you’re out shopping for a treat is real chocolate. And now you have an option! Another great soul has decided to un-fuck the world and get real chocolate into Whole Foods.

Meet Rau Chocolate!

In the following interview with Rau Chocolate’s co-founder Daren Myers, you’ll learn why cold-pressed raw cacao is better than cacao roasted at high temperatures. Rau Chocolate brings organic cacao directly from “bean to bottle,” which means you enjoy higher nutrient density.

You’ll never want to pollute your body with inferior, sugar-laden chocolate products ever again!

(And you can get your kids off processed chocolate milk like the Cow-Wow brand shit or whatever else the behemoth, organic-marketing machine can label as healthy and organic for kids…You’re a sick bastard if you target and trick kids with organic marketing trickery just to get them to drink your syrupy-sweet junk.)

This rare company has produced a high-quality chocolate drink that puts all others to shame. My kids love it. And I’m happy to give it to them, knowing it won’t harm their bodies or minds, nor will it overdose them with a f$%king sugar high.

“RAU is naked in nature and proud of it,” says the company website.

That’s exactly how food should be, especially chocolate!

TPC #1: Why are raw heirloom cacao beans considered to be superfoods?

Daren: Our raw cacao beans are a single origin heirloom strain from Ecuador. We chose this bean and strain for reasons that include high nutritional density and a complex flavor profile.

TPC #2: What kind of nutrients are present in raw cacao? And what health benefits do these nutrients give the body?

Daren: Raw cacao beans provide a wide array of vital nutritional benefits. As one of nature’s highest dietary sources of magnesium, cacao beans are also rich in iron and an excellent source of dietary fiber. They are one of the world’s most antioxidant-rich foods.

Cacao beans contain potent flavonoids and powerful alkaloid chemicals including theobromine, phenylethylamine and anandamide.

TPC #3: What’s the difference between chocolate produced today, and chocolate found in the ancient Mayan civilization in 2600 B.C.?

Daren: All chocolate today is bastardized with roasting and high temperature heating methods, along with the pumping of unhealthy sugars, preservatives, dairy and artificial ingredients. The Mayans got it right back in the B.C. era. They consumed the beans raw and without processed ingredients or dairy.

TPC #4: What led you to create your company, Rau Chocolate?

Daren: Rau was founded off the basic concept to bring us back to the Mayan days and change the way we all experience chocolate…the real, healthy way. We wanted to reverse the ideology that chocolate is nothing more than a “guilty pleasure.”

TPC #5: Your products are certified by CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers), an organic certification agency and trade association — but not certified USDA organic. Any particular reason why your company chose the CCOF certification only?

Daren: Rau uses 99% organic ingredients.

TPC #6: You use cold-pressed raw cacao in your products. What is this, and why is this the best option for chocolate?

Daren: Instead of heating or roasting our beans, we cold press our cacao…bean to bottle…retaining all the superfood qualities found in cacao’s raw state.

TPC #7: Do you think Americans could become healthier simply by drinking raw cacao products that are free of refined sugar, dairy, GMO’s, soy and anything artificial?

Daren: It takes a balanced healthy lifestyle to truly feel great and live clean. Rau Chocolate is a vehicle to deliver healthy nutrition to this already existing healthy lifestyle. Everyone loves chocolate — why not make it healthy so we can get rid of all the guilt associated with it?

TPC #8: Currently Rau chocolate products are only available in California, Arizona, and Nevada. Do you have plans to expand into all 50 states?

Daren: At the moment our focus is to continue expanding our footprint here on the West Coast. Hopefully one day we’ll have the opportunity to share our goodies with people on the East Coast and other areas.