Bernie Sanders’ Stance On Vaccinations Is Likely To Surprise You…

Those who value parental rights should deeply consider who they vote into office…

As the presidential race heats up in the United States, a number of celebrities and well-known activists have stepped into the limelight to endorse their favorite candidates.

So far, Bernie Sanders has received support from Dick van Dyke, Neil Young, and even Mark Ruffalo.

In addition, he’s gained mass approval from the millennial generation and organic farmers for his openness about the corruption in politics and the need to limit the powers of Big Ag corporations, such as Monsanto.

However, this might change once activists learn what Sanders’ stance on vaccinations is…


After an article titled “Bernie Sanders and Republicans Find Common Ground On Vaccinations,” went viral, it seemed that the Senator from Vermont and conservative voters had found common ground on the issue.

That, however, is simply not true.

According to statements made by Sanders last February, he clearly sees an unvaccinated child as a “killer.”

“I think obviously vaccinations work. Vaccination has worked for many, many years. […] I am sensitive to the fact that there are some families who disagree but the difficulty is if I have a kid who is suffering from an illness who is subjected to a kid who walks into a room without vaccines that could kill that child and that’s wrong.”

In contrast, Donald Trump believes that vaccinations are clearly linked with autism. And Hillary Clinton, well, her allegiances are well known.


Vaccinations might not be wholly to blame for epidemics such as autism and sudden infant death syndrome, but there is mounting evidence suggestion that they do play a role.

In addition to environmental toxins, low-quality food (full of refined sugars and antibiotic-containing meat, which lowers a child’s immune system), chemtrails, EMF bombardment, and fluoridated water, vaccines may be the ‘tipping point’ which contributes to a number of degenerative ailments.

Regardless, it’s important to know Sanders’ stance on vaccinations if you intend to vote for him.

If he believes an unvaccinated child is a killer, would he eventually push a mandatory vaccination legislation on the American people?

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