Amazing Homemade Body Butter That Soothes Irritation and Relaxes Muscles

Creamy body butters can be quite expensive and loaded with harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances that are less than desirable for the skin health.

We often tend to forget our skin, the largest organ in our body. It basically absorbs everything we apply to it. So, it is highly important that you use some body butter that is free of preservatives, fragrances, color additives and many other harmful ingredients.

A natural body butter, made of pure oils and essential oils is just the thing your skin needs.

Homemade Calming Magnesium Body Butter – Recipe

Total Time: 45 min


Serves: 30

You will need:


Benefits of This Calming Body Butter

-Avocado Oil

It is characterized with naturally occurring potassium and magnesium which hydrate the skin. In fact, avocados are mineral powerhouses and potent anti-inflammatory agents which make the skin stay healthy, smooth and elastic.

-Magnesium Oil

It has transdermal properties which help them enter the body through the skin. Magnesium oil will make the skin stay smooth and soothe the irritation.

Also, magnesium oil is used by many athletes since it helps reduce muscle cramping and replenish the magnesium lost through sweating.

-Lavender Essential Oil

It is one of the most calming properties of this recipe since it relaxes the muscles and reduces the effects of stress.

Due to the antirheumatic properties, it relieves from the stiffness of the joints and chronic rheumatic pain. Also, it contains antispasmodic properties which reduce muscle contractions from injuries as well as relieve pain in the lower back.

-Cocoa Butter

It is an excellent skin moisturizer which does more than just hydrating the skin. Actually, it heals it from the inside out. It is a natural healer of sensitive skin and skin irritations.

So, if you are looking for some calming and highly nutritive butter, this is the right choice. Let your skin enjoy the healing and calming compound of this recipe.

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