8 Ways a Spoonful of Charcoal Can Detox Your Body, Clean Your Teeth and More

Activated charcoal has a ton of uses, including directly benefiting your health. It is simple, natural, and amazing. And it’s just carbon.

Activated charcoal (or carbon) is made by burning wood and then exposing it to a gas or steam that oxidizes it, making it super porous. This element is 100% alkaline and is adsorptive – the electrons that make it up draw other materials to it. It can even adsorb (not absorb) thousands of times its own weight in harmful substances.


In fact, one tablespoon of activated charcoal has an surface area equivalent to 10,000 square feet. Imagine all the gunk and junk carbon could help clean.


How and Where to Use Activated Charcoal:
Detox Your Body
Add 1 tspn of active carbon to a glass of water and drink. This is the same (or at least very similar) treatment used in hospitals for chemical exposure. This solution will literally detoxify your body: toxins (like poison or drugs) will be attracted to the carbon, leaving your body.

Clean Your Teeth
You know that gunk on your teeth called plaque? It is highly acidic. What combats acidic substances? Alkaline one. Which substance is 100% alkaline? Well, you already know that, but did you know that activated charcoal will actually scrub your teeth better than any toothpaste out there? It even removes stains like coffee, red wine, and tobacco to make your pearly whites their pearly whitest.

Aid Your Digestion
Cleanse your colon, clear your digestive tract, and flip the switch on flatulence. Activated charcoal attracts and traps, so ingesting it will help with your tummy troubles.

Clear Your Skin
You can make a face mask with active charcoal, water, and a squeeze of honey. Mix into a paste and leave on your face for about half an hour. The adsorption works on the outside just like it works on the inside – the mixture clears toxins and rejuvenates your skin.

Absorb Your Odors
Carbon works like baking soda (but better) at attracting and trapping odors in your fridge and gym bag. Water filters use activated charcoal to clear microscopic elements out of your water; gas masks use carbon to absorb deadly gasses – so it will definitely help in your shoes.

Grow Your Garden
Use natural lump charcoal – crushed into small pieces – in your garden. The alkaline properties help the soil stay rich, which promotes growth in your garden. You’ll notice a healthier garden, from the soil to the flowers.

Lower Your Cholesterol
If you introduce activated charcoal into your system it will lower your cholesterol without even meaning to. It’s sort of a by-product of the general cleansing and detoxing the carbon is doing in your body. Best side effect ever!

Polish Your Hardwood
Activated carbon performs a spring clean on your insides, but did you know it can help with floors as well? If you have dark hardwood with you can get rid of scrapes and scratches quickly and easily with charcoal. Just take a piece of natural lump charcoal and gently rub it on a scratch to return its color.

Even if you’re not a chemist, you can now appreciate activated charcoal, and all its uses.




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