7 Things Men Can Do For Healthy Sperm

Having a baby is a remarkable experience. It can be a dream come true! Yet, when you can’t conceive, things can get stressful.

There’s a good chance your partner has been faithfully tracking her ovulation. But is there anything you can do? Definitely. Learning how to make your sperm healthy for conception is about improving your health.

The 7 Healthy Habits To Improve Sperm Quality Are:

1. Exercise Regularly

Staying active improves more than just your quality of life. It’ll also improve your sperm, making your chances of conception skyrocket.

In fact, exercise has a direct relationship with sperm concentration and total sperm count. The British Journal of Sports Medicine found that men who got moderate-to-vigorous exercise, or at least 15 hours of exercise per week, had the best sperm concentration. This ranks 73 percent higher than men who got less than 5 hours of physical activity each week.

To avoid poor sperm quality, get moving. Turn off the television and break a sweat. If you can’t go to the gym, walk around the neighborhood or do at-home exercises. Even small habits, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, will help.

2. Avoid Processed Meats


Skipping processed red meat is always a good idea. It’s full of sodium, preservatives, and mysterious chemicals. Even worse, it can mess with your sperm quality.

Blame today’s meat industry, anabolic sex steroids, like estrogen and progesterone are typically given to cattle to encourage growth. These hormones stay in the edible meat which is bad news for men. When eaten in high amounts, it can lower semen count and concentration. Even the sperm motility won’t be as good.

When possible, avoid processed red meats like hamburgers, hot dogs, bacon, and salami. If you must eat beef, go for organs like liver and kidney. They’re jam-packed with vitamins and minerals that will actually boost your sperm quality.

3. Eat More Fish

Choose fish instead. According to The Journal of Nutrition, fish consumption is linked to better sperm count and concentration. It’s full of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, a nutrient that helps your body make more sperm. This process is known as spermatogenesis.

Fish will also keep your weight in check. Compared to processed red meat, it won’t promote weight gain, another factor in poor sperm quality.

Any seafood counts. Tasty options include tuna, salmon, haddock, tilapia, and shrimp.

4. Maintain A Healthy Weight

More than one-third of American adults have obesity. It’s a common cause of infertility, stressing the importance of weight management.

Being overweight or obese is linked to hormonal imbalances, leading to poor sperm quality and conception. Co-existing conditions, like type 2 diabetes, will also harm sperm function.

Of course, losing weight won’t happen overnight. It’ll take patience, time, and hard work. Staying active and eating a well-rounded diet can make a huge difference.

5. Eat Organic Produce

If you want to increase the quality of your sperm, go organic. Pesticides may disturb your endocrine system by affecting your hormones. Specific chemicals, like endosulfan and dimethoate, can actually encourage cell death during spermatogenesis.

Other pesticides, like bipyridyl herbicides, create free radicals that harm sperm function. It’s not healthy for the rest of your body, either.

To avoid pesticides, buy organic produce. Visit your local supermarket or health food store. You can even try growing your own fruits and veggies at home.

6. Drink Less Alcohol

Frequent drinking can wreak havoc on your health – and it won’t spare your sperm. Alcohol exposes your body to oxidative damage which can destroy sperm DNA. The volume, concentration and the total number of the sperm will also decrease. The sperm that you do have will have extremely poor motility.

Alcohol also reduces the weight of your epididymis, the tube that stores sperm before ejaculation. Inflammatory mast cells are also more likely to intrude.

If you want to drink alcohol, do it responsibly. The American Heart Health Association recommends drinking no more than one to two drinks daily.

7. Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Cigarettes are just as bad. They’re linked to lower sperm volume, movement, and concentration, along with decreased prostate function. Smoking will also harm the epididymis, just like drinking alcohol.

Compared to non-smokers, smokers have more sperm DNA damage. Even the reproductive parts, like the prostate gland and testis, will go into an inflammatory state because of smoking.

Every aspect of your lifestyle can impact sperm quality. If you’re trying to conceive, focus on making these changes. It’ll be worth the hard work – for yourself and your future baby.

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