5 Proven Ways to Fight Aging, Today!


Here is some information that I hope will help you improve your health and longevity.

They come from many years of study of the subject and can be applied Today!

The main ways to fight aging, according to most scientists who study the subject in the world, are:

1  Food



Good for health and longevity:

Bad for our health and longevity:

2  Exercise


  • Regular and moderate jogging is clearly established as benefiting our health, at all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual.
  • Yoga, Tai Chi, Chigong and other sweet and daily practices join the group of good activities for health. This is very common and available today, with clubs or video lessons online.
  • Hiking, provided they are regular and long enough, also bring great physical and mental benefits, it is also very affordable and enjoyable.
  • Indoor Fitness is of course one of the best practices that exist to keep our bodies in good shape, and allow it to eliminate daily wastes, and circulate our blood and lymph. Countless scientific studies that ascribe an increase in human longevity.

3  Telomeres


The study of our DNA and its telomeres that protect it against defects during replication and to enable our cells to live longer and better, is now the most studied rejuvenating factor in the world!

Countless laboratories are working to preserve our telomeres. They believe this is the key element for long life, since it is the loss of telomeres that triggers cell death in most cases.

Long telomeres are proven to be essential:

  • to live long, but also healthy to the end
  • to keep his cognitive and mental faculties in good working order
  • to lengthen the life span of cells and allow them to replicate more times
  • to prevent genetic errors from occurring during cell replication
  • to improve physical performance
  • for more libido

bioluma_tnScientists have discovered dietary supplements that activate telomerase and thus allow the lengthening of our telomeres, thus stopping the aging process that tends to shorten them with time.

Epitalon is one of the most tested telomerase activator, to date, stimulating the Pineal Gland and empowering it to help boost health and longevity.

Scientific studies since 1979 show that it:

  • Activates the production of telomerase in normal cells
  • Extend telomeres allowing to exceed the Haiflick limit
  • Slows aging
  • Prevents cancer to develop
  • Restore reproductive function
  • Is a bioregulator of the entire body
  • Prevents the breakdown of the immune system
  • Protects against daily chemical attack

The studies demonstrating the link between healthy telomeres and anti-aging are numerous, and growing. The effects of using Epitalon remains to be one of the strongest methods in maintaining healthy, longer telomeres.  favorite source for Epitalon, and you can

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4  stress management and meditation


  • Meditation is now well recognized as beneficial to health. Many studies show it benefits the cardiovascular system, brain, but also with repercussions on the entire physical body. Of course it enhances the emotional reactions and the daily contact with our surroundings. There are many types of meditation, each of us has to try and choose the one that suits him best and who has the most positive impact.
  • Sofrologie is now recognized in many countries as very beneficial.
  • Reading is a hobby that can calm and give positive thought also, according to the kind of book chosen. It can also help us to open our consciousness and extend our understanding to react more calmly in certain situations.
  • Daily walks in natural and quiet areas are also an easily accessible way to relax and absorb the peaceful vibrations of nature.

5  The environment

Girona, Catalunya, Spain. Young female hiker enjoying nature.

  • To breath clean air devoid of chemical pollution is also an important factor in good health. Of course it is difficult to live in such an environment for now, since 80% of people live in cities, close to polluting factories, and immersed in the automotive exhaust gasses. Consider buying an electric car as soon as possible and to install solar panels to help these clean industries to grow more quickly, so that one day we will have good fresh air, even in the city.
  • Going out into the wild as soon as possible. The walks in the woods or in the mountains are an opportunity to fill up with fresh and pure air, while enlivening our muscles and circulating lymphatic system.
  • Avoid nuclear power plants and industrial areas, as much as possible. Studies show that living within 30 miles can cause serious long-term health issues.
  • Avoid noisy places that are also a source of bad stress.

So pay attention to all these factors and take supplements, like Epitalon, that are scientifically proven, and your life will change very quickly.

You will feel the energy and good mood back and see your silhouette refine and strengthen, and your face light up and your wrinkles disappear gradually.






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