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Do Diet Drinks Make You Fatter?

Diet drinks are no help in the fight against obesity and may actually encourage over-eating, according to a US academic who recently argued this...

GPs to be Paid £5.25 per Jab for Swine Flu Vaccine

Family doctors have secured a deal with the government over their payments for giving patients a swine flu jab, it was announced , allowing...


Deaths Rise with Junior Doctors

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Another Study Shows What Yoga can Really Do

Comparable to walking, biking Have you been holding off on living the lifestyle of a yogi? Perhaps it’s time to make a move. Recent research published in...

Monsanto Found Guilty of Chemical Poisoning in Landmark Case

A French farmer who can no longer perform his routine farming duties because of permanent pesticide injuries has had his day in court, literally,...

Scientist Figure Out How To Transmit Thoughts Over The Internet

It starts with a simple 'yes' or 'no' Researchers have figured out how to send thoughts over the Internet using a brain-to-brain connection and a...
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Homemade Juice that Eliminates Mucus from Children’s Lungs and Recovers Their...

This Homemade Juice is very effective with children’s cough and boosting up their immune system. One cup of this homemade natural juice will help...
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8 Reasons Why You Need Chlorophyll

                Chlorophyll, the phytochemical responsible for the deep, rich color of dark leafy greens, is the lifeblood of plants. This vitally important nutrient is necessary...
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Oolong Tea and The Amazing Benefits it Has

  Oolong tea represents only 2% of the world’s tea, but it’s well-worth discovering. It combines the qualities of dark and green teas, giving it several...

Top 10 Sneaky Foods That Appear Healthy But Actually Aren’t

Think you’re eating healthily? Be careful, because many of the foods that people think are healthy actually aren’t. Here are ten sneaky foods that appear healthy, but actually...

This Popular Practice Is Known To Induce A Psychedelic State Without...

  Humans have a unique appetite for experiencing altered states of consciousness, and this inclination is evident in many facets of social culture today, such as our attraction...