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3 Types of Foods You Probably Didn’t Know Have MSG

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is not a nutrient, vitamin, or mineral and has no absolutely no health benefits. It is a processed food and pharmaceutical...

New Technique Could Heal Teeth Painlessly, Avoid Cavities

            Instead of having to drill and fill cavities, dentists could head them off at the pass with a new technique that accelerates a tooth’s...


MMS Facts Sheet

5 Scary Truths about Mercury

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Coca-Cola Pays Nutritionists to Promote Coke as Heart Healthy

Did you realize that last month was American Heart Month? Coca-Cola sure did. The corporate soft drink giant, who has been trying to combat declining sales in...

Swarm of Bees Chased A Car For 2 Days – All To Rescue...

  Clearly, devotion knows no limits between a queen bee and her loyal subjects. https://youtu.be/ZMlYQhR23v8     Carol Howarth had no idea that when she parked her car in...

One In Two Chance Of Cancer In Canada As GMO Products Flood Food Supply

It’s been a familiar retort for the last decade, that correlation does not equal causation. That may be true but it is also true...
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Plastic Bottles are Slowly Killing You

Around two million plastic bottles are bought every five minutes all over the world. One million plastic cups are used in airline flights in...
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California May Add Cancer Warning To Aspartame Laced Products

California may add cancer warnings to aspartame, as California’s Carcinogenic Identification Committee is now reviewing the artificial sweetener. There has been so much controversy surrounding...
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Might Alzheimer’s Disease Be “Foodborne”?

Mounting research shows there’s a compelling link between a particular kind of protein and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Lou Gehrig’s disease. What’s...

Glaxo Is Testing Paxil on 7-Year-Olds Despite Well Known Suicide Risks

It was established years ago that Paxil carries a risk of suicide in children and teens, but GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has for the last 18...

Houseplants that Clean Air and Better Your Health

  Yes, there are toxins in the air around us, but there's a simple way to cut down on them — without a HEPA filter....