Every day, it seems like there’s new research indicating what can cause cancer, decrease your risk, or increase your risk. Fungal infections are a surprising new area of study for cancer, as fungal infections are often considered to be relatively harmless. Find out how fungal infections can affect your cancer risk and how you can protect yourself.

The Link Between Fungus and Cancer

There are many varieties of harmless fungi in the world, but quite a few types of fungi are also extremely toxic. At these types of fungi go through their metabolic processes, they produce and release mycotoxins.

Mycotoxins are toxins that significantly increase your risk of cancer. The mycotoxins that are most dangerous to humans include citrinin, aflatoxin, patulin, fumonisins, trichothecenes, and zearalenone. Quite a few of these are considered carcinogens for both humans and animals.

Because of their classification as carcinogens, mycotoxins can increase your cancer risk simply by being in the air where you work or live. The fungi that produce these mycotoxins can be linked to cancer.

What the Research Says

Research conducted in New Jersey looked at the presence of mycoestrogens, a type of mycotoxin that has been tied to hormonal difficulties, disturbed or abnormal growth, and sexual side effects in female animals.

This research found that a shocking 80% of study participants had mycoestrogens in their systems. These chemicals have been linked to disrupted growth and puberty. Researchers theorize that it is tied to Zeranol, an artificial hormone that is fed to livestock in the United States.

Another study looked at mycotoxins in coffee and found that commercial coffee was linked to nervous system, immune system, and kidney damage.

How to Use This Information

Although mycotoxins can be found in food, the greatest risk is in the air you breathe. As fungi reproduce and grow in your home, they release mycotoxins into the air. The molecules you breathe then can grow and reproduce in your body, making it easier for cells to mutate and create cancerous tumors.

Mold and fungi in the home can also inhibit your immune system, putting you at risk for colds, bugs, respiratory issues, neurological issues, and even organ damage. The mycotoxins found in mold and fungi have even been linked to neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.

Rather than being scared, you can use this information to improve your health and protect your family. Cancer-causing fungi often make their home in grains, so cutting your intake of commercially produced grains can do a lot to minimize your exposure to these fungi.

In addition, you absolutely must protect your home from fungi and mold. You can have the air in your home tested for the presence of mycotoxins and black mold. It can be difficult to find the source sometimes, as these toxins tend to grow in walls or under floors.

However, once you find the source of fungi or mold in your home, you can eradicate it. A clean house is one of the best defenses you have against mold and fungi that cause cancer.



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