Vaccines & Blue Foot Syndrome

Where’s the proof? More research! Inconclusive! Vaccines don’t cause autism, that’s a kooky theory. Yet who would vaccinate if there was ANY doubt? Each year that the outcry gets ignored is one more year millions of kids are forced to take a chance. Autism aside, many will become ill with chronic disease, allergies, and a weak immune system. Dr, Sherri Tenpenny vents her frustration with the lack of rationale using an analogy called “Blue Foot Syndrome.”

The analogy below may sound absurd, but it begs the question, how much proof is needed? Over 400 peer reviewed articles, documented evidence, increasing illnesses after vaccinations, thousands of parent testimonies, even Washington knows about it – is that enough? Obviously, proof of harm from vaccines is not going to stop the insanity. It’s time to turn the tables on that ilk and ask in return: “Where’s YOUR proof that they DON’T cause harm??”

~Health Freedoms

I grow weary of people who continually want “proof” that vaccines cause harm and can cause autism. Every year the insistence for “More research!! More research!” goes by, four million more children born each year are lined up to be injected with dozens of doses of 16 different vaccines. Many of these precious bundles will become chronically ill; some will become statistics.

Webster defines proof as “something that induces certainty or establishes validity.” What level of “proof” yet needs to be demonstrated that will be described as definitive confirmation? Video of children the day before, and then the day after, vaccines have documented autistic regression; the recordings are even admissible in Court as evidence. Is that enough “proof”? Heart wrenching stories about side effects after vaccines – high pitched screaming, vomiting, seizures and even death – have been told by the thousands of parents. Is that proof, or all they all liars?

By now, identifying vaccine injury should be obvious. But instead, it is much like the story of a child who dropped a large frozen turkey on his foot…

Within hours, his foot became bright blue. His parents, concerned because the child cried inconsolably and refused to walk, quickly sought medical help.

The doctor examined the young lad’s foot and said, “Hmmmm…. I see he is experiencing Blue Foot Syndrome. We don’t know what causes it but we are seeing more and more children with this condition in the last few years.”

The parents retort, “But Doctor – he started screaming and lost his ability to walk within a few hours after a frozen turkey landed on his foot.”

“Tisk, tisk,” says the doctor. “We have proven that frozen turkeys have no link to Blue Foot Syndrome. In a study of more than 4 million kids, the number who developed a blue foot after being struck by a frozen turkey was statistically insignificant. We have determined something else must be causing Blue Foot Syndrome.”

With that, thousands of dollars of medical tests were conducted to find any possible reason for the boy’s blue foot. Even though medical science had no explanation for the problem, doctors were certain the thump by a frozen turkey was absolutely not the cause.

Sadly, the doctor informed the parents no reason for their child’s Blue Foot Syndrome was found. He affirmed the condition shows up randomly and was slightly more common in those with susceptible blood vessels. In fact, since 1 in 87 now seem to have this random Blue Foot Syndrome, and research is underway to find a defective gene to blame.

The devastated parents, terrified they may have a defective gene causing their child’s pain and loss of ambulation, asked, “But doctor, there must be something we can do to help him walk and stop being in pain!”

Leaning back in his chair, the doctor pontificated, “Today, many therapists specialize in Blue Foot Syndrome. Colleges are even offering courses to become experts in this anomaly. I’m sure you can find a number of treatments that may help eliminate his pain, but there is no cure. A word of caution: Never use Blue Foot Syndrome on your insurance forms. You can use “painful foot” or “discolored appendage” or “abnormal ability to walk” but never use Blue Foot Syndrome or your insurance will deny payment of all your medical bills.”

As silly as this story may sound to some, it is the tale of vaccine injury and the long list of sensory integration disorders, language abnormalities, and yes, even autism.

More than 400 articles, published in peer-reviewed literature, document vaccines can cause harm – including allergies, autoimmune disease and a long list of neurological disturbances. Is that “proof” enough?

The newly released report by EBCALA [1] and PACE Environmental is amazing and 65 pages worth reading. [2] The press conference [3] in Washington DC on May 10, 2011 presented documents that confirmed vaccines can cause autism, and exposed a government cover up that deserves a congressional investigation. It appears this isn’t enough “proof” either?

The vaccine industry, the government and the medical mafia need to be put on the defensive. Where is *their proof* that vaccines do NOT cause autism? Every study they tout has “proof” of no connection has been a large epidemiological assessment, research that has little bearing on the individual. And every one of their “cornerstone studies” has been proven to be flawed and some are even fraudulent.

That should be “proof” enough for the whole world that the time has come to Just Say No to vaccines.[4]


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Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO