USDA Owns ‘Organic’ Name! Stifles Farmers Markets

An Arizona farmer shares what he has to do to sell his organic goods at a farmers market.

The USDA claims in writing that they own the “organic” name. Farmers have to use “homegrown” instead to promote their organic goods at local markets.

A 10-page agreement must be filled out completely and submitted prior to booth rental. The agreement must include all permits, certifications, a “crop plan” and a “proposed farm visit schedule.” It has to include a map of the farm location with cross streets, land marks, and mile posts for accurate location.

Most of us want some kind of process to make sure we’re buying organic, but what these farmers have to do to sell a few carrots is almost too much to bear. It’s a wonder they even bother anymore.

The process effects the high costs of true organic food, yet the USDA does not crack down on typical grocery goods bearing the “organic” name without proof. Nor do they regulate other English speaking countries stealing the “organic” name.

The video shows how the markets are centrally planned and politically controlled so that local farmers are tracked and everyone get’s their cut.

Political control Freaks take over Farmers Market


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