Vitamin D is extremely important, especially during the darker fall and winter months. While you may already know that Vitamin D helps us maintain healthy bones, it's responsible for so much more.

Here are a few big things Vitamin D does for your body:

  • It's a vitamin that acts like a hormone. In this way, it directly controls the expression of about 1,000 genes, including a number of genes linked to things like MS, Crohn’s disease, systemic lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and cancer.
  • Vitamin D also plays a major role in aging. Telomeres, which are responsible for protecting the information stored in our genes and repairing our DNA,  get shorter as we get older. Shorter telomeres aren't as effective at their jobs. Recent studies have shown a direct link between Vitamin D levels and telomere length.
  • It makes sure our immune system functions properly—Mom was right to suggest it when you came down with a cold.
  • It can help alleviate symptoms of depression.
  • Some studies have shown Vitamin D to aid in weight loss and lower risk of heart disease.

Over half of all Americans don't get enough Vitamin D. It's readily available from the sun, but harder to find in food sources. Cereal, yogurt, orange juice, and non-dairy milks are a few foods that have been fortified in Vitamin D, but often supplementation is necessary to get the necessary amount. Make sure you talk to your doctor since it's a fat soluble vitamin, meaning there is too much of a good thing in this case.

As listed above, Vitamin D is shown to be linked to healthy (long) telomeres. How are telomeres linked with health?

telomeres_tnA telomere is a chromosome’s tail end or a repetitive DNA at the end of a chromosome which is highly related to a typical DNA sequence that undergoes replication in a distinctive manner. A telomere neutralizes a chromosome’s predisposition to shorten with every sequence of replication. In other words, telomeres act in a way to protects the end of our chromosomes from deterioration, bad health and aging.

To counter this, scientists have studied a peptide, called Epitalon. Amazingly these studies have shown this peptide to increase telomere lengths throughout the body; Thus giving a super boost to one's health, and slowing the aging process, itself!

50mg-epitalon_tnThe effects of using Epitalon remains to be one of the strongest methods in maintaining healthy, longer telomeres.

Oceans Lab is our favorite source for Epitalon, and you can Read more about Epitalon, here.


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