I saw a meme the other day about vaccines and car seats I thought you would all appreciate:


Get it? Vaccines are profitable. And if you don’t yet realize that they are being made soley for profit, read the meme again.

If you still aren’t sure, check out vaccine billionaire Cyrus Poonawalla’s seaside Indian mansion which he purchased for the bargain price of $113 million. The “home” is a former US consulate and the most expensive residential home purchase in the history of India.


Poonawalla is one of India’s richest men, with a net worth of $8.7 BILLION- thanks to his company Serum Institute of India- the largest pediatric vaccine supplier in India.

From the article:

“Vaccine makers act with impunity, as reckless as they so enjoy, with the full support of almost every government in the world. It isn’t difficult to see how that could result in ridiculous unfathomable wealth. When you look at the picture of the luxurious castle just beyond the sea, remember how that lifestyle was achieved. Pharmaceutical companies are raking it in on egregious levels these days.”

Given that he has already made billions it’s clear he’s in favor of mandatory vaccination programs but it’s egregious that he gives little thought to what the vaccines are doing to people, especially his own people. “Vaccines as a product act under the guise of philanthropy, unmotivated by riches and spoils. However, Poonawalla’s gigantic mega-mansion sure challenges that ideal, doesn’t it? Philanthropy, however, plays only to the audience who wants so badly to see it. Because no human needs such amenities or spoils,” reports the article. Well stated.

The truth is that the amount ALONE that he paid for his home, JUST THIS HOME (he’s got more) could do so much for the people living mere miles from him.

Money isn’t evil but that much money should be used for good. Let’s hope someone has the guts to tell him that.





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