Saturday 20 December 2014
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Harry, Sesame, Ramsey, Kolbe, Rocky and Peaches have something in common — all of these beloved pets were prescribed a new chewable flea...

Barn and Silo

Tell the FDA to Protect Small Farms from New Guidelines

Modifications to the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act, or FSMA, has a firm, positive intention–to reduce foodborne illness. Hundreds...


New Law Fines You $2.3 Million for Telling Truth About Natural Supplements

The despicable influence of Big Pharma is all over the latest proposed FDA regulations. The Food and Drug Administration has issued a...


Forbidden Fruits: Whatever Medicinal Foods The F.D.A. Forbids

Vitamin B17, Raw Bitter Almonds, and Apricot Seeds In 2007, bitter almonds (not regular almonds) were becoming popular with alternative...


FDA Further Limits What You Can Be Told about Your Food’s Heath Benefits

Q: When is a food not a food? A: When the FDA twists an old law to its own ends According to the Food Drug and Cosmetics Act(FD&C),...


FDA Approves Addictive Painkiller to Combat Addiction to Painkillers

Last Thursday, the Food and Drug Administration approved a new painkiller that claims to combat the nation’s widespread,...


FDA Targets Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps for Sharing Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Relatively new to the food products market, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, a Southern California-based family company famous for its organic,...


The FDA Doesn’t Want You to Know the Healing Power of Your Nutrients

Education is key if we are to rebuild or maintain our health using nutrients and supplements, but scientific research on nutrients and...


This Drug Has Sickened Thousands of Animals – Will It Be At Your Holiday Feast?

I have been to countless holiday meals when I had no control over the ingredients. Of course, I ate what was offered and was polite but...


Monsanto and the FDA: Trillion Dollar Hustle

An in depth “expose” of Monsanto and the FDA working together. And finally, proof that the main stream media is under their control....