Sunday 25 January 2015
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FDA Reverses Its Position on Daily Aspirin Use

If you haven’t had a heart attack, step away from the aspirin bottle… If you are one of the 40 million Americans who take an aspirin...


5 Ingredients That Should Have Never Been Approved By The FDA – Are You Eating Them?

he more I learn about the food system, the more passion grows inside me to change it. What I am about to share with you will have you...


The #1 Reason You Must Read Ingredient Lists: The FDA Admits They Can’t Do Their Job

How many times have you heard the argument that the ingredients in our food are safe to eat, simply because they are “Approved” by...


FDA Ends Ban on Blood Donations By Gay Men … But There’s A Catch

Talk about problematic progress. The AP headline crowing “US Moves to End Ban on Blood Donations by Gay Men” comes with a...


Foundation’s Lawsuit Against The FDA Reveals Risks Of A Diet High In Soy

Here at Food Identity Theft, we’ve dedicated a lot of time and effort to making our readers aware of the health risks caused by a number...



Harry, Sesame, Ramsey, Kolbe, Rocky and Peaches have something in common — all of these beloved pets were prescribed a new chewable flea...

Barn and Silo

Tell the FDA to Protect Small Farms from New Guidelines

Modifications to the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act, or FSMA, has a firm, positive intention–to reduce foodborne illness. Hundreds...


New Law Fines You $2.3 Million for Telling Truth About Natural Supplements

The despicable influence of Big Pharma is all over the latest proposed FDA regulations. The Food and Drug Administration has issued a...


Forbidden Fruits: Whatever Medicinal Foods The F.D.A. Forbids

Vitamin B17, Raw Bitter Almonds, and Apricot Seeds In 2007, bitter almonds (not regular almonds) were becoming popular with alternative...


FDA Further Limits What You Can Be Told about Your Food’s Heath Benefits

Q: When is a food not a food? A: When the FDA twists an old law to its own ends According to the Food Drug and Cosmetics Act(FD&C),...