Serbia Will Not Allow GMO Crops

As Governments around the world condemn the cultivation of GMO crops, you can now add Serbia’s name to the list of those nations who oppose it. While people have put forth the idea that the EU is pressuring Serbia to allow GMO growth, the nation’s leaders deny this wholeheartedly. Serbia feels that the fight against GMO is strong and united.

(via He noted that potential changes in the Law on GMO “could only lead towards additional strengthening of consumer safety,” and underscored that “this matter will not be realized behind the back of the public.”

Golubovic also “denied the allegations which recently appeared in the media according to which Serbia is being pressured by the EU to allow cultivation of GMO seeds,” Tanjug reported.

He noted that “another advantage for Serbia lies in the fact that the movement against GMO is growing stronger in Europe and that some countries such as Hungary have banned cultivation of the seed through their Constitution.”

Serbia has a history, even past this proclamation, of having an anti-GMO stance. They are one of the largest producers of non-GMO soy in the world. With the rise of non-GMO stances on the rise all across the EU, one has to wonder when the United States will stop taking Monsanto’s lobbying money and step up for all the people. And maybe even the world. So long as Monsanto continues to thrive in the US, it will always have a source of revenue, marketing and popularity to keep it alive and well.



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