After nearly seventy years trying to find an effective drug against cancer, after costly and inhumane mistakes such as chemotherapy and radiation from which died hundreds of millions of patients suffering from cancer and leukemia, scientists at the Stanford School of Medicine have discovered a universal remedy that will destroy all types of cancer with the help of unique vaccines.

03/20/2014 in the publication ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences’, a scientific paper is published which could mark the turning point in the fight against major cancers, from which each year more and more people die.

Prof. Dr. Irving Weissman is credited for the discovery of the vaccines.dr-irving-weissman-stanford-300x201

A Stanford team (from Stanford University School of Medicine, California, USA), led by Professor Irving Weissman discovered that almost all cancers contain the protein CD47 with which they confuse the host immune system, in fact this protein allows tumors and metastases to spread freely through the body without being attacked by T lymphocytes – that devour and dissolve all foreign cells in our body.

In other words, tumors create original mimicry, and with the means of a chemical message in the form of CD47 they cutoff the desire for normal operation of the T lymphocytes, followed by cancer cells growing wild and unrestrained, which eventually leads to the exhaustion of the body of the host and his death.

It is amazing that Weissman’s team discovered the protein CD47 a decade ago, although the creation of blockers for CD47 is a relatively simple thing, and just this year we got a study in which the incredible effect of anti-CD47 was presented, more precisely the substances that when used on experiment animals, in combination with T lymphocytes, allow for the destruction of cancer cells in record time, after just a few treatments with injections from this revolutionary drug.

At first, Weissman’s team considered that the anti-CD47 was successful in destroying only leukemia and lymphoma cells, but they soon discovered that all cancer types have the same way of confusion T lymphocytes.


Additionally, the Stanford team found another incredible fact, that all the healthy cells in the human body have a certain amount of protein CD47, thus those cells send messages to the lymphocytes that they belong to the host body. Cancerous cells have a bigger amount of this protein than the healthy human cells. This fact is unbelievable, because all types of cancer, lymphoma and leukemia have managed to swarm over our bodies, convincing the immune system as if they are normal and healthy cells needed to be defended and protected, and not devoured and destroyed. Weissman found that after only one injection of the anti-CD47, tumors in test mice were reduced, and after the complete treatment all mice subjected to the test remained healthy for four months, namely until the publication of the study.

The only failure of this research is the case of one mouse in the control group of ten mice with lymphoma, where the cancer was not completely eliminated, with all other types of cancer being cured by the vaccine.

All mice were infected with human cancers, and Weissman’s team made sure they found every possible known type of cancer cell.lab-mice

Cells of the immune system have a short lifetime, and the researchers were surprised because after injecting the vaccine against cancer, new cells that were created were also attacking the cancer. This incredible opportunity to teach the body to continue to react against cancer after administration of the vaccine is the greatest discovery of Weissman’s team. In this way, the immune system prevents cancer recurrence.

Using anti-CD47 at the same time with chemotherapy might be counterproductive, since chemotherapeutic stress causes the formation of more CD47, so the immune system would receive more signals to leave the cancer cells intact.

Weissman’s team received $20 million for clinical trials of the vaccine on humans. Preliminary clinical trials should be carried out in California this year, after which a new study will follow, from whose results will depend the worldwide launch and the price of the vaccine.






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