RFK Jr. Calls for Honest Vaccine Safety Debate: ‘Congress is Drowning in Pharmaceutical Money’

A long-time attorney and environmental advocate, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has also spoken out on the side effects and dangers of vaccines for years despite heavy criticism from the media establishment.

His message has gained serious traction lately on social and alternative media, where “RFK Jr.” has reached a massive audience. Despite the lack of mainstream media coverage, he’s even garnered the attention of President Donald Trump, who asked him about the possibility of forming a national vaccine safety commission.

Despite RFK Jr.’s recent success, his presence on mainstream television and even cable news channels has been lacking.

But on April 20, he made a landmark television appearance — just the second of its kind in 10 years —that could change everything.

RFK Jr. Calls For Honest Debate on Vaccine Safety

Appearing on the Tucker Carlson Show on Fox News, RFK Jr. called for an honest debate on vaccine safety, while also defending himself from what he calls is a false “anti-vaxxer” stigma given to him by the mainstream media.

“I’m pro-vaccine, I never said anything anti-vaccine,” he tells host Carlson in the video. “But I’ve read the science…”

Making the segment even more noteworthy is that Carlson gave Kennedy, Jr. ample time to share his views, opening the segment by sharing his own opinions on vaccine safety and his guest’s viewpoints.

“I don’t agree with all of it but I don’t think you’re crazy,” Carlson said. “You’re not anti-vaccine, you say you vaccinate your own children…But you have concerns.”

Among the points of emphasis by Kennedy, Jr. were the dramatic changes in the vaccine regimen given to kids since around 1989.

“The reason it changed, Tucker, is at Congress (they’re) drowning in pharmaceutical money, they give blanket immunity to pharmaceutical companies so that no matter how sloppy the line protocol is or how absent the quality control no matter how toxic the ingredient or egregiously injured you child you cannot sue them…”

After 1987 a “gold rush” occurred that led to pharmaceutical companies developing more and more vaccines in order to cash in on the political climate, as well as the lack of liability and regulations, Kennedy, Jr. said. A 1986 law made it illegal for vaccine injury victims to sue drug companies (they must instead now go through a vaccine injury court that has paid out $3.6 billion in damages since the law was passed).

“I got three vaccines and I was fully complaint (and) I’m 63 years old,” Kennedy, Jr. said. “My children got 69 doses of 16 vaccines to be compliant.”

Kennedy Jr. thanked Carlson for his courage in letting him on the show, saying it was only his second TV appearance to speak on the topic in 10 years. The other show was Bill Maher’s, which he said doesn’t accept advertising dollars (unlike most stations that accept countless billions in ad money from the industry, Kennedy, Jr. added).

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