Republicans & Democrats Collude To Pass Food Safety Bill!

Well, the sneaky politicians have done what they do best – stab their own constituents in the back when there is the least amount of light shining on the political process. Yesterday evening – Sunday evening – around 11:30 pm, the U.S. Senate slapped the so-called Food Safety Modernization Act (S.510) as an amendment onto the “Consumer Assistance to Recycle and Save Act” (H.R.2751), passed it by unanimous consent, without a vote (because very few Senators were present during the late-night debate on the START Treaty), and sent it back to the House to be approved.

As NHF Lobbyist Lee Bechtel says,

“This is not normally allowed, but if you are Majority Leader Harry Reid and Assistant Majority Leader Dick Durbin, Senatorial courtesy does not apply. H.R.2751 has already passed the House, so the amended bill goes back to the House. The bill can and will pass the House if 286 votes can be pulled together to suspend the House rules. If 148 NO votes can be generated, then the food-safety legislative house of cards will fall apart, and S.510 will go down in defeat. This closed rule does not allow amendments, or much debate. This is what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her comrades Henry Waxman and John Dingell want. They want this passed and will do anything to get what they want.”

For an excellent analysis of what the Senate Republicans and Democrats did to us, read Sarah Foster’s just-posted article, “Senate Republicans Join Democrats to Pass Food “Safety” Bill,” at The Senate Republicans stood by and did absolutely nothing that we could see to stop S.510’s passage as an amendment to a recycling bill. Why are we not really surprised?

And as NHF-Canada’s Dee Nicholson has lamented in noting the Canadian and American power brokers’ anti-health agendas in those two countries,

“Here we go . . . [their] target achieved, C-36 in Canada and S.510 in the United States, both done before Christmas – during the darkest days of the year. Buckle up, it’s going to be one hell of a New Year.”

So, what to do about this? The only chance – the smallest of chances – is for each and every one of you to immediately contact your Representative in the House and demand that they vote against the Senate-amended H.R.2751! Tell them you will remember how they vote on this bill.

Some others have optimistically suggested you also contact soon-to-be-ex-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to ask her to oppose H.R.2751. While that is a bit like asking Bill Gates to junk Microsoft and adopt Apple software instead, we suppose anything is possible. Do whatever you think is best to legally stop the S.510 monster. Just do your best!

We know it won’t be easy, but health-freedom advocates and opponents of S.510 can prevail. All of you have done a remarkable job of influencing House and Senate legislative decisions up to this point. So, once again, please call your Representative and ask him or her to vote NO on suspension of the rules to pass H.R.2751, with the Senate amendments. Do it now, as the vote could happen soon.

Remember, too, that next year there will be reductions in spending levels for the Food and Drug Administration, meaning not only reductions in this year’s spending level for the FDA, but additional reductions in approved spending, if House Republicans do what they say they are going to do. So, the $1.4 billion authorized by S.510 for the FDA will not even come close to being achieved, which means the FDA will have to get funds elsewhere to implement S.510.In short, the beast will be starved to death for at least two years, maybe even longer. But far better to kill the beast now while there is still a chance than to take a chance later.

Once again, immediately contact your House of Representatives at (202) 224-3121
to state your firm opposition to S.510/HR2751

Also, contact Mitch McConnell today at (202) 224-2541 and tell him exactly what you think
of this last-minute surrender by the Republicans.