There are many no-brainers when it comes to staying young, such as exercising and eating right, but not every anti-aging secret has to come with such great effort.

Following are four fun, and nearly effortless, age-fighting tricks you can start using today to stay healthy and happy for many more years to come. (Plus one ‘adult' method of reversing aging!)

Turn back the clock with coloring:

It turns out the old saying, “You’re only as old as you feel,” has a whole lot of truth to it. When researchers from the University of London gathered data on over 6,400 seniors, those who reported feeling more youthful—years younger than their chronological age—were significantly more likely to live a longer healthier life.

In fact, according to the study, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, folks who reported feeling old had a 41 percent higher mortality risk.

Experts say when we feel younger we’re more resilient, handle stress better, are naturally more active and have more will to live. Which means, as silly as it might sound, simply adopting some youthful hobbies—such as coloring, playing video games, or riding a bike—could be the easiest anti-aging trick ever.

Stay healthy by smiling more:

According to a Harvard study, the power of positive thinking could help keep us healthy, literally reducing our risk for getting sick and helping us to live longer.

When researchers crunched the numbers from the large, long-term Nurse’s Health Study they found the most optimistic women were significantly more likely to live a longer and healthier life.

Smiling in the face of adversity cut the ladies risk of dying from cancer by 16 percent, heart disease by 38 percent, respiratory illness by 38 percent, stroke by 39 percent and infection by 52 percent, according to the study published in The American Journal of Epidemiology.

In other words, sometimes faking it until you make it really does work. So go ahead and put on a happy face, even if it feels a bit silly at first. It could literally help protect your health.

Live longer with social media:

According to experts connecting with friends on social media sites such as Facebook could add years to your life.

We already knew that people who have more real world social connections are typically healthier and get sick less often. But when researchers compared the data for 12 million Facebook users and non-users they were surprised to learn the same is true for online relationships too.

According to the study, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, folks who spend time on Facebook being social and interacting with their friends have a healthy 12 percent lower mortality risk.3

The reason why? Experts say no matter whether it’s online or offline, staying connected with friends lowers your stress levels and provides a support system for when things get tough. And that translates into better health and living longer.

Add years to your life with soothing music:

Each of your chromosomes is capped off with a layer of proteins known as a telomere. Telomeres act much like the tip on a shoelace, protecting your chromosomes from damage.

The longer your telomeres, the slower you age. And it turns out not getting enough good quality shuteye could end up shaving years off your life. A study, published in the journal PLoS One, linked getting less than seven hours of sleep a night to significantly shorter telomeres. While getting plenty of sleep could essentially give you the telomeres of a much younger person.

And it turns out the trick to doing just that could be as simple is settling down to listen to some soothing music before bed. When a group of older adults with sleeping problems listened to soft music for 45 minutes before bed they had a 35 percent improvement in their quality of sleep, according to research published in The Journal of Advanced Nursing.

In a later study, researchers confirmed listening to 45 minutes of classical music before sleep can significantly improve sleep quality. Not a classical music fan? No problem! Experts say any soothing music should work. Just look for something with a relatively slow beat, and preferably without words.

Here's an ‘Adult' Method for Reversing Aging:)

Fortunately, science found a molecule that activates the regeneration of the telomeres, lengthening them, allowing our cells to duplicate over and over again, rebuilding our body anew, repairing damaged DNA, and reconstructing our organs to their original design.

Telomeres protect our DNA from fraying, much like Aglets do for shoelaces, but when they become too short, the cells are no longer able to multiply.

Telomeres are considered a biological clock; each time our cells divide, and the DNA replicates itself, the telomeres get shorter and shorter until the cells stop dividing and die, and ultimately the entire body is unable to regenerate itself and it dies too

Telomeres are considered a biological clock; each time our cells divide, and the DNA replicates itself, the telomeres get shorter and shorter until the cells stop dividing and die, and ultimately the entire body is unable to regenerate itself and it dies too

In 1999, Elisabeth Blackburn was Laureate of the Nobel Prize for discovering the telomere activator enzyme named telomerase. Telomerase rebuilds the end of the telomeres to their original length after each cell division, halting the biological death-clock. But telomerase is generated less and less in the cells, as years go by, and that’s where Epitalon comes in.

Epithalamin (Epitalon or epithalon) was found in extracts from a region of the brain called the epithalamus. This region contains the pineal gland, or “third eye” and “Gods Antennae”, which controls wake/sleep cycles and is the body’s source of melatonin and telomerase. Epitalon was shown to stimulate evening melatonin production and normalize circadian rhythms of cortisol through the day and night.

Vladimir Khavinson

Prof. Vladimir Khavinson discovered Epithalamin (and synthesized its equivalent, Epitalon) over 30 years ago, while working for the Soviet military, and has been studying it ever since. There are over a 100 published studies, on PubMed alone, showing the beneficial effects of Epitalon and epithalamin. These studies have proven that the length of telomeres increases after taking this peptide, orally, and the humans taking it live longer than those who don’t.

Epitalon is an amazing anti-aging peptide that works on all levels of cellular health, Pineal Gland rejuvenation, and DNA repair. The following benefits are noted.

  • Activating telomerase.
  • Elongating telomeres.
  • Promoting cellular survival and resistance to stress and oxidative changes. 
  • Balancing endocrine secretions, rejuvenating Pineal Gland function and increasing melatonin release.
  • Specifically attenuating excess cortisol secretions from the higher level.
  • Can increase antioxidant enzymes.
  • Increase brain health, stave brain cell aging/remodeling.
  • Restore quality of life and extend the lifespan by all above mechanisms.

Now available to the public, Oceans Lab is our favorite source for Epitalon, and you can Read more about Epitalon, here.


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