Pepsi Finally Removed Aspartame From Its Diet Drinks…And Replaced It With 2 More Cancer Causing Chemicals

[FILE] 20oz plastic bottles of Pepsi and Diet Pepsi sit on an unidentified cooler shelf in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Pepsi Corporation has been under a lot of scrutiny with having Aspartame in their products. And people have won the fight. Since the Diet Pepsi has been slumping as of late with serious health effects, they have ditched Aspartame.

However, the people have not won the war. The Pepsi Corporation has added 2 more Cancer causing ingredients in their Diet Pepsi. And these two ingredients may be even more harmful to your health than Aspartame. These two ingredients are Splenda, the ingredients used as a sugar replacement, and Acesulfame Potassium, better known as Ace-K.


According to Nick Meyer of Althealth Works, Splenda is the “original sugar molecule and adds three molecules of chlorine to the mix, turning it into something unnatural and foreign to the body, meaning your body has no way of properly metabolizing it.”

Splenda went from safe to caution with it causing leukemia in mice when tested.

The side effects of Splenda are:

  • Gastrointestinal Problems
  • Blurred Vision
  • Dizziness
  • Weight Gain
  • Seizures

Acesulfame Potassium, Ace-K

Ace-K is a substance that is thrown together that is dangerous and you shouldn’t have. It is on the list to avoid if having. According to Nick Meyer, Michael Jacobson, the director of the center to USA Today , it “might pose a cancer risk”.

Maybe the Pepsi Corporation will feel that their switch and bait will go unnoticed and people will buy their Diet Pepsi again, but with awareness and articles such as this people will avoid their products more and we will get the products that is our right.

The Pepsi Corporation has already caused people to lose their limbs and have been an ingredient in diabetes by saying something is healthy and it turning around and causing severe illnesses. Now is another attempt to make people suffer.

People must be aware of the changes and file a lawsuit for their wrongful doings. They shouldn’t get away for causing people to suffer and having them suffer more.

It is everyone’s right to drink products that are healthy and these two products aren’t healthy. Spread the word about Pepsi and maybe we will win the war to drink healthy.

Health has always been an issue since Aspartame came to the forefront. Now with Ace-K and Splenda it seems that Pepsi has neglected our health once again.

Before you drink the product of Diet Pepsi think of what these two products will do to you. Do you want that Cancer-killing you on your last days of life?

This has been an ongoing war to our health and this has been a war we will not lose. When companies try to kill us, there will be whistleblowers on these companies. The goal is not to make them suffer, the goal is to have the products we should deserve and Diet Pepsi’s Ace-K and Splenda is not one of them.




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