Australia is quickly becoming one of the least friendly countries in the world to parents who want to take charge of their children’s health. So, when Cini Walker decided to remove her son from a Brisbane, Australia hospital, it led to an Amber Alert and a frantic search across two states. However, the child and his parents were located and four-year-old Chase Walker-Steven was fine.

Cini and her partner had made it clear when they brought their vaccine injured child into Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, that should they refuse to give him the medical marijuana he needed for his diagnosed spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and uncontrolled epilepsy (doctors say Chase has an epileptic gene they cannot find) that they would walk out of hospital with Chase. Guess she was serious.

Thankfully, the two aren’t likely to face police charges.

“Thanks everyone for the support, Chase is doing fine. You look at the camera Chase and tell the world how you feel mate, you tell ‘em I’m alert, I’m awake and I’m better than I’ve ever been. We’re going to talk about what’s going on, if they like it or not, because guess what, I’ve had enough … it’s not okay. We’re just waiting for the doctor to come back so clearly, there are no charges being laid, for what? Taking my kid out of an appointment? That I made? The truth is going to come out and everyone’s not going to be happy. It’s not nice to harass families, especially ones that are trying to heal their children and bring them love and joy in the world.”

They would later take Chase to John Hunter Hospital in northern Newcastle where he was checked out and released.

The media in Australia are branding the couple “anti-vaxxers,” which is probably nothing they aren’t used to (they do have a vaccine injured child) and focusing media attention on the fact that Cini is an advocate of the Church of Ubuntu, whose mantra is “The Earth, therefore I am”.

According to the church’s website, “We are a Church and wellness community that focuses on total health and diet, using natural plant-based alternative healing methods.” It’s still so strange to me that that mindset gets you labeled crazy. What the hell is wrong with the world when toxin’s and poisons are ok but wanting to be healthy is crazy?

Sweet Chase’s mother says her son’s health improved after he went off medication, started eating organic food and took medicinal marijuana. Can you blame her?
To keep up to date with the family, check out Cini’s Facebook page, here.

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