New Bionic Lens Could Give You Perfect Vision For The Rest Of Your Life

After eight years and $3 million of research, trials and international patents, Doctor Garth Webb, of Ocumetics Technology Corp. presented the Ocumetic Bionic Lens to the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery meeting, suggesting that corrective, regular and contact lenses and Lasik will soon be obsolete.  He added that this technology will ensure that a person will never get cataracts.

In an eight minute, near painless procedure, the lens would be folded into a syringe and injected into the eye where is unfolds and adheres to the eye's natural lens within 10 seconds.  Immediately after the procedure, the patient can see more clearly.

The lens protects the eye's natural lens from any forms of decay and the surgery is considered safer than laser surgery.

Because the materials involved have been used for so long, getting approval for the surgery is relatively simple.  It is expected to be widely availabe in Canada by 2017 and is projected to cost around $3,000 per eye when it is introduced.  Webb explains that as the technology becomes more widespread and easier to administer that the cost will drop.

The lens is made from inert materials and does not change the physiology of the eye, and it gives the recipient 3x better vision than normal.




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