After nearly 100 years in the business, Elmhurst Dairy rebranded itself and now sells a variety of healthy, plant-based milks.

As more and more people learn that it is unnecessary for humans to consume the milk of other creatures – specifically cow’s, the demand for plant-based ‘milks’ (such as almond, coconut, soy, cashew, hemp, etc…) continues to increase. Elmhurst Dairy, located in Queens, New York, has recognized that cry and, as a result, switched gigs to satiate the masses.

The dairy plant was founded in the 1920’s and grew to be one of the largest dairy manufacturers on the East Coast of the U.S.A. Until recently, it supplied seven million people in the metropolitan area. A change was essential, however, as “Pasteurized fluid milk has sort of gone out of style,” according to CEO Henry Schwartz. He elaborated:

”We are unable to continue to go on without ongoing losses. There isn’t much room for our kind of business. I tried to keep this open because it was my father’s plant and he asked me to do so.”

Consumers are making the switch from cow’s milk to plant-based options because they still desire the creamy beverage in their coffee, tea, and cereal but don’t want to support the unethical practices which are common in the dairy industry. Concerns have also been raised about the amount of saturated fat, cholesterol, and hormones in commercial dairy milk.

Adapting to the changing times, the former dairy manufacturer renamed itself to Elmhurst and began producing its own range of healthy plant-based milks. The new line, named ‘Milked’, was introduced at the trade show Natural Foods Expo West, which took place in Anaheim, California.

The whole range is suitable for vegans and all four varieties, Almond, Hazelnut, Cashew, and Walnut, have been made with minimal ingredients. Schwartz says that the plant-based milks have “up to 4 times more nuts per serving than the other leading brands,” he says.

“No emulsifiers, thickeners, whiteners or frankenfood proteins” are used, he added.

Last year, Google CEO Eric Schmidt predicted that consumers would begin to take their health seriously and implement more healthy and cruelty-free foods into their diets as a result. This latest news is evidence of the shift. If a dairy manufacturer can begin selling vegan, plant-based milk, anything is possible.

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