Karma: How We Treat Others Is Directly Related To Our Personal Happiness

According to ancient Vedic texts, one of main reasons for suffering in this materialistic universe is the fact that souls wish to enjoy themselves by using others, instead of serving others. The more someone uses someone else for selfish motives, this creates a negative karmic account since the action wasn’t selfless to begin with, and the energy for enjoyment was received from someone else without an equal return of this energy in some way, shape or form to the individual from whom we took this energy.

How we treated others is an exact mirror reflection of how others treat us currently. Lord Vishnu, the sustained of this material word (who is actually an incarnation of Lord Krishna, the supreme soul that is within us) is very just, and there isn’t a single atom that moves without his approval or guidance, so you can be sure that everything that happens in our life is a result of our past karmic actions. According to the Vedas, about 49% of our character is determined by our past 7 previous lifetimes, and the other 49% is determined by our previous 1,000 lifetimes. There are 400,000 intellectual species of life, humans being one of them, so this is just a glimpse of the potentialities of our past existences, we didn’t necessarily have to be human to accumulate our past habits. Only about 2% of our character and reality that we experience is shaped by our current lifetime, but there is a loophole, we’re born at a very special time period where it’s very easy to progress spiritually and do enough work equivalent for many lifetimes. For example, any spiritual practice undertaken from the year 1999 – 2023 is magnified substantially. One year of spiritual practice within this time frame is equivalent to 50 years in a normal Kali-Yuga cycle (age of degradation), but since we’re undergoing a very turbulent time right now where the evil forces are dominating our planet, this mercy of the Lord is given to us so that we can exercise our free will and sill practice spirituality even when we are facing difficulties.

o, within this time-frame becoming a vegetarian, starting to chant various mantras that contain the name of God, and doing penance (austerities), such as fasting on the 11th waning and 11th waxing period of the moon (during the days and nights of Ekadashi) will bring your soul tremendous merit in your karmic account. The key is to do these actions as selflessly as possible, so that others treat you selflessly as well when they are doing actions towards you in the future. Selfless relationships are the best, so this is a good standard to follow, and if you wish to mix in selfless actions with love, then that’s even better ect. The merit gained within these years will help shape your future body and experiences (karma) that you will receive after leaving this current one. I wish everyone good, – Truth Seeker

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