How Will Your Doctor Respond If Your Child Is Vaccine-Injured?

What do you do if your child has an adverse reaction to a vaccine?

See your doctor of course.

But does the doctor offer help and support, just dismiss the parents, or worse, give totally useless and harmful advice?

Here are a few stories from my practice that will make you shake your head in disbelief.

Inconsolable Screaming Every Night after Vaccination

The other day I saw a beautiful family with a 4-year old boy diagnosed with autism who started screaming inconsolably every night for hours within two days of receiving his 12-months shots.  These included the standard assortment of assaults on the developing nervous and immune system: The MMR and chickenpox shots, one in each little arm and the meningococcal and pneumococcal vaccines, one for each leg.

Better be a coward, toe the line, turn a blind eye and just make something up. How many doctors have the level of integrity to consider that they may have been inadvertently severely injuring and disabling perfectly healthy children?

This family went through hell. Their child has “autism.” He still does not speak. He is one of the thousands, tens of thousands, millions of such children. Night-terrors my ass. This doctor and all of his ilk should be sued for two arms and legs as far as I’m concerned.

Not only does failure to recognize and report vaccine adverse events put other children at risk for the same fate, it discourages the development of safer vaccines or alternate methods of disease prevention. It also prevents families from getting the help they need asap if their child has a reaction.

For instance, homeopathy is remarkably effective at addressing vaccine reactions. This child could have likely been quickly healed at the time with a few doses of Belladonna or Stramonium, perhaps a remedy made from one of the vaccines.

Instead, the condition was left to progress into autism. Fortunately, the family did their own research and ultimately started to recover the boy with a gluten and dairy free diet and some other interventions, but as I mentioned, he still does not speak or interact all that well and has other issues such as continuing GI problems.

Tics After Vaccination

The parents of a two-months-old infant who developed a facial tic, complete loss of vocalization as well as lethargy were told that this was a normal developmental stage and not to worry about it. Seriously.

After some reflection on this I decided that maybe the doctors are seeing so many children with these vaccine injuries now that they are starting to think – or are perhaps being told by the main purveyors of medical education, or should I say indoctrination, for physicians – drug companies – that this is indeed normal for infants now.

The tics cleared up on their own after three weeks but she was still very quiet and in addition developed a sleep disorder and bowel problems, potentially early signs of autism.

Fortunately, a couple of doses of a homeopathic remedy made from one of the vaccines set her right again. You can read more about her story here.

Sleep Disorder and Failure to Thrive After Vaccination

Another baby was brought to me because she had developed a serious sleep disorder, completely stopped growing and gaining weight and became extremely constipated after her four-months shots. She could only sleep for 30-60 minutes at a time now.

The exhausted and extremely worried mother took her little baby back to the doctor who had given the vaccination and instead of showing concern about the situation and carefully evaluating what was happening here was told: “You have a bad baby. You should put her into a room for 12 hours and let her scream it out. The longer you can stay away from her the better.” And apparently, this doctor had just given birth to a baby herself!

Again, nothing was reported. Fortunately, I was able to help this baby by simply giving a homeopathic remedy made from one of the vaccines she received, which started to improve her sleep within hours. But it took several months of careful prescribing on my part, not to mention trust and dedication on the part of the parents to get her back to health. This baby was well on her way to a developmental disorder or worse. Quite frankly, had she received any more vaccines I think she could have died.

You should see her now, 18 months later, the picture of health! (You can read more about her story here.)

Yes, put the poor, vaccine-injured, in-the-process-of-dying baby into a room for 12 hours and let her scream it out. I want to put that doctor into a jail and torture her with sleep deprivation for 12 months or better yet, 12 years.

What did your Doctor say?

Of course, not all doctors are blind. There have even been a few, including Drs. Andrew Wakefield, Paul Thomas, Sherry Tenpenny, Suzanne Humphries and Jack Wolfson who have been brave enough to publicly speak up. They are paying the price by being attacked and maligned by colleagues and by the media, but they are heroes to parents of vaccine-injured children and will go down as trailblazers in the history of medicine.

As to the rest – you will find yourselves on the wrong side of history in the end and will also have to live with your crimes against humanity for the rest of your lives and hopefully even be put on trial for them one day.

I want to encourage people to write to the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Canada or a related agency in your country about such incidents, as this kind of treatment by doctors is callous and irresponsible.

Complaints might help to control this behavior and may also help to ensure that vaccine adverse events are properly reported and proper action is taken to improve vaccines and vaccine policy. It is estimated that less than 1% of all vaccine adverse reactions are ever reported.

The good news is that adverse vaccine reactions can often be successfully treated with homeopathy and nutrition and a protocol called CEASE Therapy.

Speak out. Tell your story. Share. As Martin Luther King said: “Evil only succeeds when good people do nothing.” So maybe you’ll get hate mail on Facebook or lose a few friends but so what? The truth is worth it. You could be saving a child’s life.

I also invite you to leave a comment here and to share your experience.

Please also consider sharing your story with the National Vaccine Information Center.

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