Longevity isn't just about living longer, but about living healthier. Studies show that Epitalon (AGAG) not only reactivates telomerase and thus extends a cell's life, but that it also reduces rates of DNA mutation, prevents degradation of immune function, promotes the health of the intestinal mucosa, and protects nerves from damage in rodent models. In other words, Epitalon extends both lifespan and health span (the number of years without disease or disability).

Epitalon has been gaining more exposure, and so have testimonials. This is a testimonial, from Hugo, reported on longecity.com, and it's amazing, indeed!

I started trialing AGAG [Epitalon] back in Nov. of 2011. At that time I had only purchased a small trial amount so that I could just make sure I was not going to have any adverse reaction to it. I took about .25mg a day, orally, for 14 days and in addition, mixed about 10mg with Sodium Chloride and applied to my face over a few days.

The first thing I noticed was my skin was much smoother and softer. However, this effect was only temporary from the facial application. I don't know what may happen with prolonged use this way but after my second trial, it was not necessary as now my skin, all over, is softer, more flexible, shinny and younger looking.

The following are the things that I noticed from that first trial and have continued with subsequent trials:

1. Deeper sleep (did not wake up in the middle of the night).

2. Started to remember dreams, vivid dreams. I am guessing that this indicates that I was still dreaming a lot right up to my waking point in the morning.

3. Had more energy through out the day, especially in my work outs.

4. Recovery from workout soreness time decreased significantly.

5. Stopped falling asleep so easily during the day.

6. Regained feeling in my left big toe that was lost from gout attacks.

7. Started to get tingling in my right index finger where I had lost feeling due to misuse of that finger (fingers are not supposed to be shoe horns).

8. Gained some lift in the left side of my face that had been drooping for years due to a severe Herpes attack.

9. Bowl movements became more regular.

10. Gray hair decreased at my temples.

Since that time I have trialed the AGAG two more times and increased my dose considerably. I have also played around with the dosing just to see if I could invoke any bad effects (overdose). I have taken as much as 10mg in one shot with no ill side effect.

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When I started taking AGAG I took a picture of myself and after 3 months I took another one trying to match everything as best as I could. I wore the same clothes, shot it with the same camera (iPhone), in the same room, same time of day, same angle and tried to smile the same way. People who look at those images, including my wife, cannot believe that there has not been some kind of manipulation involved.


It is important to understand that before AGAG I had a droop to my face which can clearly be seen in the before image. I believe this has a lot to do with the difference in the images. Secondly, the after pictures appears to have more light, or better to say, I look brighter, shinier. I think the sun may have been brighter, less clouds, on that day ( I am facing a window). By the time I took the second picture almost all my color was gone so this could have contributed to that. However, the difference is there, without a doubt. It shocked even me when I saw the pictures side by side.

Since my current trial I have had some other developments:

1. My index finger now has full feeling again.

2. The Hair on the left side of my head is almost gray free.

3. I had thinning hair at my forehead line (you can see that in my previous images) but that hair is all coming in quite thick now and new hair shoots coming out.

4. I was loosing hair at the back of my head, was getting very thin and easy to see my skin. That has filled in.

5. My wrinkles have lessened.

6. My blood pressure had dropped dramatically. I used to have an average 184/84 but now is 114/56.

7. Most of all my aches and pains, arthritis related, lower back, knees, shoulders are not bothering me any longer.

8. Negative – I have developed what seems to be Osgood Schlatter's disease. I did not have this condition as a teenage so why I would have it now it beyond me. I am doing a lot more in my exercise routines lately so maybe that has something to do with it?

9. My skin, all over, is in much better condition, softer, smaller pores, younger looking and feeling. Even my girls tell me, “Daddy, your face is so soft”.

I have several family members that are taking it now after they saw my results. I would love to tell you about that here but I am hoping I can get them to join the discussion and tell their stories themselves. But the one person in my family I will talk about here is my wife.

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She has had a long battle with a problem similar to PPD but lasts well beyond 3 months after labor. We did not know she has this issue until after our second child, because she came within 13 months of our first. But 3 months after our second child she developed symptoms similar to PPD that were definitely timed to her cycle. Extreme mood swings (EXTREME), some violence, even against herself, suicidal thoughts and within minutes, adulation. I, as a man, obviously could not know that she really had a problem (her doctor was a woman), and with my wife not willing to admit she had an issue at that time, we could not get help. Four years later she seemed to get past those issues but then we realized that she was pregnant again. 3 months after our 3rd child, it was back, with a vengeance but we were not financially in a position to do anything about it.

My wife has been trialing the AGAG now and the changes were not only immediate but very profound. She does not need to take much, only 1 to 1.5mg a day for benefit, but, she does have to take it regularly. Her emotional roller coaster will come back within 3 days if she does not take the AGAG. She can still get depressed but she does not get violent, no talk of suicide, not switching between depression and adulation like before. Her whole mind set and mood seems to be on a more stable and clear path.

I am currently taking 2mg a day and will probably continue to do so for the next year.


The exciting discoveries of Epitalon and health are continuing to show it's ability to help our fight against disease and to live Longer, Healthier lives.

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