Since this video (above) has been made it’s only gotten worse.

Now we have celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio speaking out about how truly dangerous this huge gas leak is. It’s being hailed the worst environmental disaster since the BP oil fiasco here in Florida in 2010.

They say 70,000 pounds of methane gas are being released into the air per hour sickening thousands.

From The Grist article (link below)

The source of the leak, according to Southern California Gas Co., is an underground storage container near the upscale Porter Ranch neighborhood hood in Los Angeles. Residents there have “suffered headaches, nosebleeds, nausea and other symptoms from the escaping gas,” reports the AP. Southern California Gas has paid to relocate over 2,000 displaced residents, with 3,000 more in the process of moving. Two schools have also been temporarily closed in response to health concerns.

The company estimates the leak won’t be stopped until next spring.

“This disaster “is an example of the type of risks we face as natural gas infrastructure ages, and is a sobering reminder of how important it is to have rules that ensure gas stays in the pipeline — not in our air,” writes the Environmental Defense Fund.”

Now the EPA is finally investigating, like usual, late to the party.

We have to wonder if it were not an extremely upscale neighborhood with celebrities getting involved how much longer it would take for our inept government to respond at all.

Here’s hoping they fix it before Springtime!


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