Cutting Out One Thing in Her Diet Transformed Adele’s Body

When telling others about the dangers of added sugar, they often do not understand just how much it wreaks havoc on your health and your weight. Those that quit added sugar are amazed at how quickly they lose weight, and begin to craving healthy food, again.

The news that Adele has lost 50 pounds is one of these situations.

The Daily Express reports that a substantial lifestyle change is behind Adele’s impressive weight loss. So what was the amazing change that allowed the English pop star to shed so much weight? The answer is surprisingly simple. Adele no longer adds sugar to her tea.

Until recently, Adele engaged in the ill-advised practice of adding 2 packs of sugar to her tea and drinking this sweetened beverage in excess of 10 times daily. Adele is well known for her body-positive mindset, and if she were to fully embrace a more transformative approach to health, her successes could potentially motivate countless others to adopt nutritious eating habits.