Your baby’s bright and adorable eyes are something you would want to stare at all the time. Here are some fun facts about your baby’s eye color that you would find interesting to know.

Fact#1: Eye color is determined by a pigment called melanin. Light can cause your baby’s eyes color to darken as it triggers melanin development.

Fact#2: If you think their eyes are green, blue, or hazel, they actually aren’t. It’s just brown color, whose amount determines whether your baby will have light-colored eyes or dark eyes.

Fact#3: If your baby’s eyes are blue, they can darken to become green, hazel, or brown. However, if he/she has brown-colored eyes, they will remain dark-colored.

Fact#4: Parents with brown eyes can possibly have a baby with blue or green eyes. It’s all in the genes!

Fact#5: Noticeable eye color change happens by 9 months—either it will happen gradually or your baby’s eyes will take you by surprise!

Fact#6: By the time they are 1 year old, most of the babies develop a permanent eye color.

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